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List of dubious Thomas Sabo stores

    Thomas Sabo Silver Charms

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    Tips for safe shopping of Thomas Sabo jewelry on the Internet and a list of potentially dubious online stores.

    Buy Thomas Sabo Jewelry on the Internet

    Thomas Sabo is one of the most famous jewelry manufacturers. Its collections are made of sterling silver and offer many combination options with which you can express his individual style. There are creoles, necklaces and bracelets to choose from. The collections are based on different bracelets and the associated charms.
    Unfortunately, more and more branded products or luxury brands are offered by scammers on the Internet. These so-called traders try to sell their fakes on dozens of scam stores. Therefore, you should pay attention to where you shop.

    Originalo purchase recommendation

    Thomas Sabo jewelry is officially sold only through authorized dealers. Since there are now enough authorized online stores, we recommend to buy only there. Otherwise, the risk of falling for counterfeiters is very high.

    Secure and trusted online stores for Thomas Sabo include:

    These are very good online stores with a wide selection of Thomas Sabo charms, sterling silver and watches, as well as fast delivery and fair prices.

    How do I recognize dubious Thomas Sabo stores?

    Check if the Thomas Sabo store you want to buy from is in the list below. The stores listed below are potentially dubious. You run the risk of buying counterfeits (so-called plagiarism) instead of original Thomas Sabo jewelry.

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    Important: Websites that carry the name "Thomas Sabo" with additional terms in the URL (for example, are fundamentally not authentic and are operated by product pirates who sell fakes.

    If you are unsure whether a web store is dubious, then use our Checklist to recognize dubious online stores.

    List of potentially dubious Thomas Sabo Internet stores:

    Not found the webshop you are looking for? Simply make a Comment with the address of the website and we will check the website for you!

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    Advertising notes is completely free of charge for you. To finance our costs we place advertising and affiliate links. You can find these links in the "Originalo Buy Recommendation" section, where we link to trusted online stores. Learn here more on the topic.

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    25 thoughts on “Liste unseriöser Thomas Sabo Shops”

    1. Ordered a charm from At Christ it was not in stock, so I went through image search. At the above address I could order it, believing you Thomas Sabo original company. On the day of the order, the amount was charged to the credit card. The goods did not come. Upon request, I received a reply in French, with two terrible photos, where I was offered items as an alternative. My ordered item was not available. I renounced the alternatives and demanded my hero back. On it I got, this time in broken German, the message that I should be patient...until the article from the factory is available again. I have filed a complaint with the credit card company, asking for the amount back and with the reason: Suspicion of brand counterfeiting.

    2. Good day, I came across this site while searching for a charm that no longer exists:
      "" or ""

      Would you please also confirm before I am tempted to order there that these are scam sites. Thanks a lot

    3. ""
      Very cheap, no imprint available,...

      Thomas Sabo has confirmed on my inquiry that in this store illegal fakes are sold directly from China.

    4. This is unserious!!!!!!-Habe ordered there. Goods received after 4 weeks, but no silver+plagiarism!!!
      Page now deleted, and my money is probably also history.-Achtung finger away!!!!!!!!

    5. ""

      Question: Serious or not ??????
      Just wanted to buy since cheap, but delivery time too long.

      1. is a fake site from my point of view, because of the standard points: Prices, only credit cards, address in the T&Cs, etc....

      1. Looks like a fake store to me. Too cheap prices, only credit card payment, no trustworthy contact options, Facebook links don't work, etc....