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Luxury Watches - Recognize Original & Fake

Here you will find guides with pictures and tips that will help you distinguish a real Rolex or Omega from a fake or a forgery.

Watches & Jewelry - How to recognize original or fake?

Luxury watches and other accessories and jewelry round off any outfit and emphasize the fashionable taste of the wearer. Whether women's or men's watches, rings, necklaces or charms - jewelry is always an eye-catcher. Even more so when they are made by a luxury label like Rolex, Omega or Tiffany & Co. are. However, watches and other jewelry of these brands are very expensive, which counterfeiters and fraudsters take advantage of.

The trade in fake watches is flourishing. Thus, there are countless replica watches of well-known models such as the Rolex Daytona. These are published on Internet pages, the so-called Fake storesoffered at lower prices. But counterfeiters also try to sell cheap knock-offs on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Because here it is even more difficult to track down the fraudsters. But not only on the Internet - often street vendors also offer their fake watches to ignorant vacationers.

How to recognize fake watches and fake jewelry?

Counterfeit luxury watches and other jewelry are getting better and better and look more and more similar to the original. In order not to fall for a fraudulent offer, they should pay attention to the following aspects.

  • Compare prices between retailers for your desired piece of jewelry and make sure it is from an authorized seller.
  • Luxury watches or jewelry most often have the brand name or logo engraved on the jewelry.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the strap of the watch. Counterfeiters usually use inferior materials and workmanship is worse.
  • Often, even small details provide information about the authenticity of the watch or the piece of jewelry. So date magnification or magnifying glass as well as serial number can be decisive to unmask a replica watch.

What to do if I bought a fake watch?

If you have concluded a purchase contract for a watch, you also have the right to an original piece of jewelry. If you receive a counterfeit instead, there is a defect of title. As a buyer, you then basically have the options of demanding your money back, filing a right of revocation and a claim to the original. You can also claim damages and file a lawsuit, although the latter rarely makes sense.

The fake watches and usually have a purchase price deliberately chosen by the scammers below 100 euros. Thus, the amount in dispute does NOT justify an elaborate and costly legal dispute and the buyer is left sitting on the fake product. Since the name and address of the mostly foreign sellers is often not known, an advertisement also makes little sense.

That's why experts first of all advise the dealers to provide an original product. Most of the time, however, the sellers do not comply with this request because they only have fake jewelry and just not genuine designer products. Then you can withdraw from your purchase contract and demand your money back.

If the seller does not refund the money, you still have the possibility to get your money back without litigation. If the money was paid by direct debit, you have six weeks to reverse the transaction. However, this is not possible with a bank transfer or payment by credit card.