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Designer Bags - Recognize Original & Fake

Here you will find guides with pictures and tips that will help you distinguish genuine Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Chanel bags from a fake or a forgery.

Buying bags - original or fake?

Handbags are not only practical, but often the finishing touch and make style and outfit only perfect. As a daily companion of many women, they are the perfect place to store all the necessary things such as wallet, cosmetics or keys. As different and diverse as the women of this world are, so are their handbags. From small clutch to practical belt bag, to shopper or fashionable backpack - for every occasion designers and fashion labels have the right model ready. But quality and taste has its price and so many bags are not a bargain, but often more expensive than 200 euros. There are no upper limits here.

All the more the desire grows the long-awaited object of desire such as a original Louis Vuitton bag or a genuine Michael Kors bag in a sale or in an outlet. But extreme caution is advised, especially when buying online. Product piracy, i.e. the sale of counterfeit brand bags, has increased enormously in recent years. Often search terms such as "bag sale" or "bag outlet" lead to fraudulent online stores, the so-called fake storeswho send the customer a fake bag or no goods at all after the purchase. But danger lurks not only online. Even street vendors on vacation, who offer designer handbags at bargain prices, sell cheap fakes to unknowing customers. Whether Chanel, Guess, Gucci or Prada - the scammers have Fake bags of countless fashion labels on offer.

How to recognize fake bags?

Fake bags are harder to distinguish from the original every year. To avoid falling for a scammer when buying your next designer bag, follow these tips and advice to spot fake bags.

  • Only buy from reputable retailers and websites. Look for seals of approval such as "Trusted Shops" and only use secure payment methods such as Paypal. Do not buy designer bags from street vendors.
  • Be suspicious of too large offers and do not be tempted by bargain prices. Designer bags have their price. Be extra cautious with price cuts of 40% and more.
  • Pay attention to the material and quality of the bag. The analysis of the seams and other details can often provide information about the authenticity of the brand bag.
  • Often designer bags have the brand name or logo on zipper or other metal elements. Also, check whether the logo and lettering correspond to the original by comparing the product with images on the homepage of the designer or manufacturer.

Brand and model specific features can be found in the descriptions of individual products below.

What to do if I bought a fake bag?

If you have concluded a purchase contract for a branded bag, you also have the right to an original product. If you receive a counterfeit instead, there is a defect of title. As a buyer, you then basically have the options:

  • Demand your money back
  • right of withdrawal and
  • a claim to the original

You can also claim damages and file a lawsuit, although the latter is rarely useful.

The fake bags usually have a purchase price of less than 100 euros. This low value hardly justifies an elaborate and cost-intensive legal dispute and so the buyer is often left with the fake product. Since the name and address of the mostly foreign sellers are rarely known, an advertisement is also not very promising.

Therefore, experts first advise to ask the dealers to supply an original product. However, most often sellers do not comply with this request, because they have only counterfeit designer bags. Then you can withdraw from your purchase contract and your Demand money back.

If the seller does not refund the money, you still have the option to get your money back without litigation. If the money was sent by Direct debit paid, you have six weeks to cancel the booking. In case of a Bank transfer or payment by Credit card however, this is not possible.