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Affiliate link and paid advertising at Originalo is completely free of charge for you. This is important to us, because we want to reach as many people as possible. We finance our editorial work with so-called affiliate links. These links are a standard in the online industry. If you click on one of these links and buy something from the store, we get paid for it. So you contribute to the fact that Orignalo can exist.

Research & analysis by our editorial team

First of all, our editorial team researches and analyzes which online stores are trustworthy in order to avoid the risk of counterfeiting as much as possible when shopping online. This research is carried out independently and always with the proviso that our editorial team can recommend these stores with a clear conscience.

Publication of the results

After our recommendations have been researched, the results with the trustworthy stores are published for you on the corresponding page at Originalo, usually in the "Buy Recommendation" section.

Monetize linking

With some purchase recommendation for the linking to the store so-called affiliate links are used. With these links, we receive compensation from the stores or providers if you click the link or buy something in this store. This linking does not influence in any way our research and recommendations for you!


With an advertorial, companies get a space to communicate with Originalo's readers. With analyses and advice articles, the companies share their special know-how on a topic. We also publish these articles on Originalo and get paid for them. Therefore, an advertorial is more than just advertising - it is an informative communication channel for industry experts, where topics are in the foreground. Advertorials are marked by us as "advertisement", "advertising" or "guest article".

Advertising-financed links, e.g. through guest contributions, are marked with an asterisk "*".


* Advertising