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Perfume Fake & Original Detect

Here you will find guides with pictures and tips to help you distinguish genuine Chanel, Lancome or Yves Saint Laurent perfumes from a fake or faux, whether you shop at Douglas or Flaconi.

Buying perfume & cosmetics - original or fake?

Whether fine perfumes, electric Toothbrush or Brand razor - Everyone owns cosmetic products. When caring for the face, hair or body, attention is paid above all to the high quality of the products. This often leads to the desire for high-quality brand products. That with lipsticks from Chanel or perfumes from Hèrmes is not only the quality, but also the price, high, however, also take advantage of many fraudsters who offer counterfeit products at a bargain price.

Often street vendors offer fake designer perfumes, lipsticks and co. to unknowing vacationers. They believe they are paying a particularly good price for their desired luxury perfume, such as "Gucci Guilty", but only get a cheap fake. The trade in counterfeit cosmetics and body care products is also flourishing on the Internet. Thus there are many Fake online stores, which provide the buyer with cheap knock-offs or, in the worst case, no goods at all. To protect yourself from the fraudulent offers, you should follow the following advice and features to buy a branded product.

How to recognize counterfeit personal care products?

Counterfeit cosmetics and personal care products, such as a branded perfume, are increasingly difficult to distinguish from the original. Often, only small details indicate a fake. To avoid falling for scammers when buying your next cosmetic item, follow these tips:

  • Check whether the supplier of the product is a trustworthy dealer and a reputable website. Look for seals of approval such as "Trusted Shops" and only use secure payment methods such as Paypal.
  • Compare the prices of the perfume with other retailers. Do not fall for too good offers - a branded perfume has its price.
  • Look for logos and lettering of the brand or designer label. Compare them with the lettering of an original product of the same brand.
  • The packaging of cosmetic products also often provides information about the authenticity of the product. Is all the relevant information shown? Does the quality of the packaging meet the standard of the original?

What should I do if I have bought a counterfeit cosmetic item?

If you have concluded a purchase contract for a cosmetic product, you also have the right to an original product. If you receive a counterfeit instead, there is a defect of title. As a buyer, you then basically have the options of demanding your money back, filing a right of withdrawal and a claim to the original. You can also claim damages and file a lawsuit, although the latter rarely makes sense.

The fake body care products usually have a purchase price below 100 Euros, deliberately chosen by the scammers. Thus, the amount in dispute does NOT justify an elaborate and cost-intensive legal dispute and the buyer is left sitting on the fake product. Since the name and address of the mostly foreign sellers is often not known, an advertisement also makes little sense.

That is why experts first of all advise the retailers to provide an original product. Mostly, however, the sellers do not comply with this request, because they only have fake cosmetics and just not genuine branded products. Then you can withdraw from your purchase contract and demand your money back.

If the seller does not refund the money, you still have the possibility to get your money back without litigation. If the money was paid by direct debit, you have six weeks to reverse the transaction. However, if the money was transferred or paid by credit card, a recovery is not successful in most cases.