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Brand Shoes - Recognize Original & Fake

Here you will find guides with pictures and tips that will help you distinguish real Adidas, Nike or UGG shoes from a fake or a fake.

Buying shoes - original or fake?

Whether high or flat, colorful or plain, made of fabric or leather - shoes come in all kinds of varieties and colors. While sandals and espadrilles carry us through the summer, boots and boots protect us from cold feet in winter. Sneakers, on the other hand, are used all year round. No matter whether Adidas sneaker or Birkenstock sandalThe right shoe makes the outfit complete. Thus, the desire for trendy and hip brand shoes is great for most. However, this is also an advantage for fraudsters who offer counterfeits of the desired shoe for a top price.

The trade with Detect counterfeit shoes is flourishing. Many alleged sporting goods sellers sell online on fake sites, for example, popular sneakers from Converse or Nike at a bargain price. But private individuals also deceive their buyers. For example, online marketplaces like Kleiderkreisel like to offer limited edition models like the Yeezy Boosts from Adidas. However, the seller often does not own the product, but uses pictures that can be found on the Internet. In addition to sneakers, of course, fakes of other designer shoes such as Timberland boots or Ugg Boots sold. Therefore, when buying the desired shoes need to be especially careful. How to distinguish original models from fakes, we explain with the following tips and advice.

How to recognize fake shoes?

Fakes are getting better and better, and the similarity to the original shoe is constantly growing. The following aspects will help you to protect yourself from fraudulent fakes.

  • Make sure that the supplier of the shoes is a trustworthy dealer and a reputable website acts. The Originalo guidebook on the subject helps here Detect fraudulent fake stores. Many brand manufacturers also offer a store finder on their homepage with a list to authorized retailers where you can be sure to get original shoes.
  • Let not be tempted by offers that are too cheap and compare the prices with those of other providers.
  • Pay attention to Quality and processing of the shoes. Brand shoes are always processed flawlessly. You can tell by the straight seams and clean glued joints. Also in details such as brand logos or laces can often be found differences between fake and original.
  • Shoe fakes can be recognized by the fact that they are attached to strong adhesive or chemical odor
  • Also the Shoes box can provide information about whether it is a plagiarism or an original shoe.

What should I do if I have bought a counterfeit?

If you have concluded a purchase contract for a branded product, you also have the right to an original product. If you receive a counterfeit instead, there is a defect of title. As the buyer, you then have the following options

  • Demand your money back
  • right of withdrawal and
  • a claim to the original

You can also claim damages and file a lawsuit, although the latter is rarely useful.

The counterfeits usually have a purchase price of less than 100 euros by the fraudsters. Thus, the amount in dispute justifies a costly and costly litigation often not and the buyer is left with the fake product. Since the name and address of the mostly foreign sellers is often not known, this also makes One display little sense.

Therefore, experts first advise the Asking the dealer to supply an original product at a later date. However, most often sellers do not comply with this request, because they have only counterfeits. Then you can get from your Withdraw from the purchase contract and claim your money back.

If the seller does not return the money, you still have the option to return your Geld to be recovered without litigation. Was the money sent by Direct debit paid, you have six weeks to cancel the booking. In case of a Bank transfer or Payment by credit card however, this is not possible.