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Designers & Brands

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For the following brands and designers you will find at Originalo helpful guides, tips and descriptions to recognize original & fakes:

What are brands?

Brands (also known as trademarks) identify a company's products or services. Companies often need a lot of time or money to build up a brand. If brands are positively anchored in people's minds, for example through good quality, this leads to customer loyalty. These brands are therefore consumed more often and can command higher prices. Luxury and designer brands in particular are highly prized by many people.

Why are brands counterfeited?

Fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors or Adidas are particularly popular and are therefore frequently purchased. The high selling price makes brands particularly interesting for counterfeiters. They counterfeit a manufacturer's products as true to the original as possible, but with significantly lower manufacturing costs. Then they sell these fakes illegally, e.g. via fake stores, and make very high profits.

Detect counterfeit and original brands

On Originalo you will find information to distinguish a fake from an original. In the section Product information We show you authenticity characteristics in guides or inform you in the area of Shop information about fake stores you should avoid. Besides fashion brands, we also look at watch brands and technology brands from countries like USA, Germany, France, Milan, England, Italy and co.

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