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About us

* Advertising is the online offering with the widest reach in the DACH region on the subject of counterfeit products and fake stores, where more than 3 million people have already obtained information on the subject of safe shopping on the Internet.

The offer of is aimed at consumers and brand manufacturers.


The Consumer can be created with the help of the Shop information preventively inform whether an Internet store is trustworthy or whether it is a fraudulent fake store. If the consumer has already purchased a product, the Product information Information through which the buyer can verify the authenticity of consumer goods such as clothing, watches or medicines.

Brand manufacturer

For Brand manufacturer offers a high-reach communication channel to inform consumers in a targeted manner about the issue of counterfeit products without "burdening" their own brand presence. If a brand manufacturer is affected by counterfeit products, Originalo offers a search network that identifies and verifies unauthorized online sales channels and reports them to the brand manufacturer for further prosecution.

The service offered by thus makes a valuable contribution to the fight against product and brand piracy.

So that Orignalo can be operated free of charge and reach as many people as possible, we have decided to finance ourselves through advertising, affiliate links and advertorials. Here you can find more Information about this topic.