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Ray Ban Sunglasses

There is probably no brand of sunglasses that can rival Ray-Ban. After more than 70 years in business, Ray-Ban is experiencing legendary popularity and attention, especially when it comes to the Ray-Ban Aviator and the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses models.

However, the hype and success of Ray-Ban sunglasses is not surprising: because the unique design of the classic pilot glasses Ray-Ban Aviator is unmistakable. So it was already at the first sale in 1937 and so it is still today. Ray-Ban sunglasses are often offered as fake / counterfeit because of their popularity.

Brand: Ray Ban

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Ray-Ban lenses

Glasses with plastic lenses

The original Ray Ban lettering is printed on the lens with white paint. If it can be scratched off with your fingernail, then it is a fake.

An additional "P" behind the lettering means that the lenses are polarizing. You can see the polarization by looking at the glasses with some distance on the lenses and looking at the reflection a lamp. When you move the glasses, the intensity of this reflection changes. Ray Ban polarizing lenses are also always anti-reflective on the inner surface of the glass. As a result, the reflection of light is slightly bluish to purple. If not, it is a plagiarism.

With continuous glass (right and left glass consist of one piece), there is no RB printed on it.

On two individual glasses, the RB mark is only printed on the left glass from the inside. It is usually a light color, so you can only see the sign in the light reflection. The color cannot be easily scratched off with a fingernail.

Original Ray-Ban lettering on glasses lens

Ray Ban sunglasses with silicate lenses (glass lenses)

The left glass has the RB mark engraved (not printed) relatively centrally from the outside in the bow area. The right glass is without engraving.


Ray-Ban sunglasses stickers stickers

Plastic lenses, with the exception of polarizing lenses, do not have a sticker. Polarizing lenses have a rectangular red/white sticker with black writing.

From the 2010 collection, the sticker is round, silver-gray and with black print "Ray Ban" and "Polarized". In addition, a red emblem in the form of a lens (teardrop / pilot shape) with a white P printed in it.

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Silicate lenses have a gold sticker with black imprint when delivered. G15 are green-grey glasses, B15 are brown glasses.

It is important to always find the circled "R" (for Trademark or Registered Trademark) by the Ray Ban name. If this is missing, it is a fake.

Ray-Ban sticker silicate lenses

Ray-Ban sticker for silicate lenses

Ray-Ban sticker from 2010

Ray-Ban sticker from 2010


Sunglasses nose bridge and nose pad

Original Ray-Ban nose bridge and nose pad

In metal glasses, the nose pads (pads) are usually made of clear clear plastic with a metal core that has the RB mark stamped into it.

In glasses before 1999, "BL" is stamped into the nose bridge on metal glasses, the plastic was not always clear, but sometimes often rose-colored or beige-gold.

Metal glasses read above the nose when viewed from above: B&L Ray Ban USA, sometimes also afterwards a letter/number sequence.

Ray-Ban glasses temples

The temples are provided on the outside with the Ray Ban lettering, which depending on the model is engraved, soldered or as a metal emblem in plastic temples sunk or screwed. The inside of the temple bears a letter-number combination describing the model number, color and an internal Luxottica abbreviation. The designation is usually printed, but on older models with plastic frame sometimes engraved.

Ray-Ban sunglasses engraving on temple

Ray-Ban engraving on the temple

Ray-Ban sunglasses case

The glasses case has the Ray-Ban stamp on the outside and is covered with a velvet-like fabric from the inside. The inside of the case must not have any bubbles or bumps.

Original Ray Ban glasses case

Ray Ban sunglasses case


Ray Ban Sunglasses Weight

Ray Ban sunglasses have different weight depending on the model. The models made of plastic are relatively heavy, unlike the metal frames. But also the processed lenses contribute significantly to the weight of the glasses. Our tip. Weigh your glasses with a digital scale such as a letter scale. If there are deviations of more than 5 grams from the weight given in the table, it could be a fake.

Ray Ban model small / normal large
Andy approx. 26 g
Alex approx. 22 g
Aviator approx. 25 g  approx. 31 g
Chris approx. 22 g
Clubmaster approx. 35 g  approx. 39 g
Erika approx. 21 g
Justin approx. 28 g  approx. 30 g
New Wayfarer approx. 33 g  approx. 37 g
Original Wayfarer approx. 45 g  approx. 48 g
Round approx. 29 g
Top bar approx. 22 g


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