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Microsoft Windows & Office

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    To protect against counterfeiting of Microsoft software, the following measures should be observed before purchasing and during licensing:

    Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity

    The Certificate of Authenticity is placed in the form of a sticker or label on the boxes of Windows, Office and Windows Server software. On the Certificate of Authenticity you can find the product name. In addition, the certificate has the following copy protection features:

    • Integrated Security thread:  Ein Silber schimmernder Faden ist in das Papier eingewoben (ähnlich wie bei einem Geldschein) und in Teilen sichtbar.
    • Tilt color: If you tilt the certificate, the color changes from green to a red/magenta depending on the viewing angle
    Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity
    Microsoft certificate of authenticity with security thread and tipping color (left)
    Original Microsoft certificate of authenticity with tipping color
    Certificate of authenticity with tipping color

    Microsoft Product Key Label

    The Product Key is a label in white or orange color. It is included in the packaging of the installation CD/DVD. The Product Key consists of 25 characters arranged in five hyphenated blocks of 5.

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    Microsoft Product Key Label
    Microsoft Product Key Label

    Microsoft data carrier (CD/DVD) with hologram

    Windows and Office are shipped on CDs or DVDs that have a hologram built into them. If you hold the disc against a light source and then move it, you will see the product name and other lettering on the CD, shown in bright colors and with 3D effects.
    The hologram is integrated into the data carrier. So it is not a sticker that you can peel off. If this is the case, then it is a counterfeit.

    Microsoft data carrier with hologram
    Data carrier (CD/DVD) with hologram

    Here you can report counterfeits and unlicensed software to Microsoft:

    Note: All information is under the copright of Microsoft.

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