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Tom Ford Sunglasses

Former Gucci designer Tom Ford designs very special sunglasses collections. Tom Ford sunglasses are especially characterized by a luxurious, cool and glamorous design. In the sunglasses collection are offered full rim and half rim models, as well as eyeglass frames made of different materials such as plastic, metal and leather. Especially famous are the models Jennifer FT 0008, Whitney FT 0009 or Raquel FT 0076. Tom Ford offers its customers a colorful selection of classic, exclusive and trendy sunglasses.

Brand: Tom Ford

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Tom Ford engraving on the lens

On the left lens of each Tom Ford sunglasses is the lettering "Tom Ford" visible. It is engraved on the outside of the lens and can be felt when you run your fingernail over it. The lettering is very fine but clearly legible. If "Tom Ford" is only indistinctly or very blurred legible, this indicates a fake.

Tom Ford sunglasses with engraving

Sunglasses with engraving in the glass


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Serial number on the temple of Tom Ford glasses

Each pair of Tom Ford sunglasses is identified by a serial number. The serial number can be found on the inside of the temple of the glasses. It is very small and difficult to see. This number is not printed but etched or engraved and you can feel it with your fingernail. (Do not confuse with the model number or color code which is only printed with paint). The serial number has 9 digits and usually starts with LPxxxxxxx. If the serial number is missing, it is a plagiarism.

Tom Ford sunglasses with serial number

Sunglasses with serial number in the temple.


Metal inlay in the temple of Tom Ford glasses

Tom Ford sunglasses have a metal plate with the "Tom Ford" lettering deeply embedded in the plastic at the end of the temple of the sunglasses. In the Jennifer model, it is visible on both sides of the temple. In other models, only from one side of the temple. You can feel the logo. In counterfeits, this security feature is missing or is only printed or glued.

Tom Ford Sunglasses Metal with Metal Inlay in Temple

Metal insert in the temple

Tom Ford Sunglasses Nose Rest

On Tom Ford sunglasses with metal frames, the nose pads are on clear plastic. On original glasses, the letters "TF" are embedded in the overlay (pad) or partially printed on the plastic. The "TF" shimmers in gold when you hold it in the light.

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