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True Religion Jeans

True Religion was founded by Jeffrey Lubell in 2002 with the goal of redefining premium denim. His vision was to make high quality, USA made, premium jeans that are authentic, timeless, fit great, inspired by the jeans of the 70's and set a trend for today's customer.

Nowadays True Religion brand is known not only for its jeans made of denim fabrics, but also for sportswear made of knitted and woven fabrics, such as t-shirts, western shirts, sweatshirts and training pants, all of which have a classic touch...


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True Religion Jeans Online Stores

There are only a few internet stores that are allowed to sell original True Relision jeans on the internet. So-called fake stores sell fakes or obtain True Religion jeans from unauthorized sources.

Note: Online stores that use the name "True Religion" in the URL (especially with another term like "outlet") are not authentic and sell fakes. You can reach the True Religion homepage at or

Originalo purchase recommendation
Safe and trusted online stores for True Religion include:

These online stores offer a wide selection of True Religion fashion at fair prices.


True Religion jeans inner label (with security thread)

True Religion Brand Jeans are made with three Inside labels (Inside Tags) supplied.

The top label is made of fabric, bears the stroke "TRUE RELIGION BRAND JEANS ®", the horseshoe and "made in USA" followed by the number for the waist size (ROW). The second label is also made of fabric, smaller than the first label and shows only the horseshoe.

The third label is made of a mixed material (feels like rough paper) and contains information such as type of pants, number as well as size and other details.

Interior label variants

Labels are always changing over time.

For the 2010/2011 collection, the second label (but not the first label) has a thread with a Safety strip sewn in. This security strip shimmers slightly when held up to the light. Unlike the security strip on the first label (if present), you can not see the letters "TRBJ" here.

In previous collections there was a security stripe (mircro stitching) also on the first label (see photo).This is a fine silver-colored stripe woven into the label. If you look closely, you can see that the letters "TRBJ" are repeated on the stripe. If there is no writing on the strip, it is a fake or a fake.
On older models, the third label is sometimes missing.

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Double stitching at True Religion jeans

The seams of TR jeans are double stitched. The first (bottom) seam consists of a single thread.

The seam with the multiple thread is placed over it. The stitch width of the single seam is shorter than that of the seam with the multiple thread.

For counterfeits, often only one seam is sewn.

True Religion Jeans Double Seam

Double nourished True Religion jeans seam


True Religion Jeans Type Label

The type label of True Religion jeans varies from model to model.
In the most famous model, the Bobby Super T, it is a fabric label as shown in the photo. Here again there are different variants.

Older model have both the specification "ROW" for the waist size and "SEAT". SEAT is available as 33 or 34.

On more current Bobby Super T models, the ROW no longer appears on the exterior nameplate, only SEAT.

All tags have in common that the monk (especially the fingers of the hand) and the writing is neatly embroidered. The seam must have the same stitch width, as the jeans themselves and parallel at the top waistband of the jeans.

An uncleanly processed label that has neither a very good seam nor a correct rectangular shape suggests a plagiarism.

 True Religion Jeans Belt Label To Detect Fakes

Original True Religion Jeans Belt Label (Bobby Super T)


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