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Rolex Submariner

Brand: Rolex

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Rolex Submariner Video

Interesting video comparison between an original Rolex Submariner and four fakes.

Rolex Submariner bracelet & caseback

The bracelet of the plagiarism is often not mounted in the case, but processed lying on. This method of attachment was used on the Rolex 14060M, but not as "loveless" as in the following picture. Furthermore, the bracelet of the fake is made of cheap steel with an inferior nickel alloy! There are neither original Rolex watches produced in the last 50 years with a sapphire crystal back, nor models with engravings on the back or the back! (with the exception of a few limited models) The Rolex hologram is 3 dimmensional and not like many fakes with a mikrigen 2-D effect provided!

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Sealing ring on the tube

If you pull out the crown to adjust the time and you see that there is no black sealing ring attached to the barrel, then it is a fake. In the case of higher-quality counterfeits, a sealing ring may also be present, but the sealing ring on the barrel is usually much thicker and not fixed in the center.

Hologram sticker on original Rolex

For luxury watches from Rolex company, it is common to provide the products with a hologram. This hologram sticker is applied to the original in 3D on the back. The copy is usually only equipped with an inferior sticker.

Date display magnifier

The original Rolex Submariner is characterized by a 2.5x magnification of the date display. In the case of a counterfeit, the date is magnified no more than 1.5 times by an inferior magnifying glass. Many counterfeit products also use a changing and deviating font, unlike the original.
Rolex Submariner only with 2.5x magnification

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