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Ralph Lauren polo shirt

Ralph Lauren Polo is a cult brand and stands for the highest quality. The polos from RL (Ralph Lauren) are world famous and popular. Great colors and high quality selected fabrics distinguish Ralph Lauren. Who does not know the Ralph Lauren logo with the embroidered rider, whether small or as a big pony - Ralph Lauren never goes out of fashion.

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Ralph Lauren polo shirt buy online


Originalo purchase recommendation
Secure and trusted online stores for Ralph Lauren fashion include:

In these stores you will find a wide selection at fair prices.

There are features by which you can distinguish an original Ralph Lauren polo shirt from a fake:


Digimarc QR code

Ralph Lauren Digimarc Security QR Code

The integration of Digimarc QR codes added security to the purchase and allows them to easily verify the authenticity of the products.

  1. QR code - On the collar of the polo shirt is sewn an additional label with a QR code. This QR code serve as a security layer that helps detect counterfeit products. The QR code contains encrypted information that confirms the authenticity and origin of the product.
  2. Authenticity verification: Verifying the authenticity of a Ralph Lauren polo shirt is simple and straightforward. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with a QR code scanner app. By scanning the QR code on the shirt's label, the code is decoded. You will be redirected to this URL shortly: and from there to the Ralph Lauren website. There you will see a web page with information about the product, confirming the authenticity of the product or indicating a fake.
  3. Advantages of the QR code:
    a) Authenticity protection: the use of Digimarc QR codes provides additional protection against counterfeit products, helping to identify that they are purchasing an authentic Ralph Lauren polo shirt.
    b) Traceability: The QR codes enable Ralph Lauren to track the entire life cycle of the product, from manufacture to sale. This ensures high quality and control over the products.
    c) Product information: Scanning the QR code also gives customers access to useful information such as material composition, care instructions and other details about the polo shirts.


NIF number

This number is now available in all garments from Polo Ralph Lauren is not so it is clearly a plagiarism
Here is the picture of an original Polo care label

Ralph Lauren polo shirt with NIF numberer

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt with NIF Numberer


Ralph Lauren polo shirt back

In custom fit polo t-shirts, the back of the polo shirt is longer than the chest side. With knock-offs, both sides are often the same length.

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Polo player logo by Ralph Lauren polo shirt

What Lacoste has the crocodile, Ralph Lauren has the obligatory polo player/rider. This logo is sophisticated in its production and therefore cannot be copied so easily.

Normal bangs

It is important for the embroidery that the horse harness and the leg and arm of the polo player are clearly visible. The polo mallet must be embroidered straight as shown in the photo. Uncleanly embroidered logos sibd only be found in plagiarism.

Big Pony Polo Shirt

The logo clearly shows more details than the "normal" logo. For details please see the photo.


Ralph Lauren polo shirt

Original logo of Ralph Lauren polo player

Ralph_Lauren Polo Player

Original logo from the back (inside)

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt with Big Pony Logo

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Logo

Ralph Lauren label

The main label of Ralph Lauren polo shirts has "Polo by Ralph Lauren" written on it. To the right of the main label is a small label with the size information of the polo shirt. Depending on the country of manufacture, there may be additional information on the label about the fabric of the shirt, such as "100% COTTON". Under the main label a tag with "CUSTOM FIT" or "SLIM FIT" depending on the cut of the shirt. The labels are always sewn on with thread in shirt color!

Ralph Lauren polo shirt inside collar label

Ralph Lauren label at inside collar


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