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Omega watches

Omega 3890
Automatic chronograph movement with Co-Axial escapement, free balance spring and a new generation 52-hour shock absorber. Date, day of the week, hour, minute and running small seconds hands. Central chronograph hand, 30-minute, 12-hour and 7-day counters. Luxurious Geneva stripe decoration. With chronometer certificate.
Power reserve: 52 hours

Brand: Omega

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Here you will find identifying features that will help you distinguish original Omega watches and chronographs from fakes or copies.

Omega watches buy online

Originalo purchase recommendation
There are few trustworthy online stores for new Omega watches. The eBay store of jeweler Ralf Häffner from Stuttgart is one of them. He offers over 100 new/unworn Omega watches and is one of Europe's largest internet stores for brand watches.

Here you can go to the eBay Shop from Jeweler Häffner*

Omega dial

Omega watches are equipped with an excellently crafted dial that can be imitated only partially or to an insufficient extent. Indices with a luminous coating are usually the decisive proof that it is a fake watch of this brand. Also, as with the aforementioned fakes, the hands of Omega fakes are in most cases much too short. After the well-known lettering Omega, the reference to this model- like Geneve, DeVille or Seamaster- and the Omega emblem, some usually describe the well-known movement, as well as automatic or quartz. Indications such as Antimagnetic or Incabloc indicate that you have a copy in front of you.

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Omega movement

Omega brand watches are always marked with the brand name in the form of an engraving. If this engraving is missing, you can be sure that it is a copy. If you ask for a picture of the movement at the time of purchase and the seller refuses to show it to you, there is no doubt that it is an original. Always show the movement, because you are on the safe side.

Omega engraving in glass

Also, mostly on originals except vintage watches (ca. 1970) is a small Omega logo engraved or lasered in the middle of the glass that you can not see very well with the naked eye. But it should be present in new models in principle unless the glass has not been properly replaced.

Omega bracelet

In any case, always pay attention to the quality of the bracelet, because counterfeiters usually tend to bungling workmanship and use low quality material.

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