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Moncler jackets

Moncler is one of the most famous and exclusive manufacturers of fashionable down jackets. In addition to jackets, Monlcer now also offers coats, vests and caps. Due to its exclusivity, the Moncler brand is also a popular target for brand counterfeiters and product pirates. The quality of counterfeit brands is getting better every year, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between original and fake Moncler jackets. For this reason, be careful where you buy Moncler products, and that the characteristic described here apply.

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Brand: Moncler

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Moncler jackets fakes

Moncler allows very few retailers to sell Moncler jackets over the Internet. You can be sure about web stores, which in parallel also operate about a retail store, where Moncler fashion wid offered. In addition, there are a few Internet stores that have Moncler in their assortment.

Originalo purchase recommendation

Safe and trusted online stores for Moncler include:

These online stores offer a wide selection of Moncler jackets at fair prices.

Important: Websites that have the name "Moncler" in combination with other terms like "Sale", "Outlet" or "Germany" in the URL (with the exception of the Moncler homepage) are basically not authentic and are operated by product pirates selling fakes. Please also see our article on this topic: Blacklist for dubious Moncler online stores.

You can also assume that on eBay the majority of Moncler products with the item condition "as new" are not original.

Moncler jackets - safety labels

Since 2008, all Moncler jackets and many other Moncler products have an authenticity label. This label is intended to help customers recognize fakes or counterfeits. It should be noted that these labels are also counterfeited in the meantime, so you have to check carefully whether it is an original or a fake.

You can check for yourself if your Moncler product is genuine by checking the Moncler Code Check Page (English). There you will be asked a number of data about your product and at the end of the process you will receive information about the authenticity of your product.
Depending on the year of manufacture, different Moncler safety labels were used, which we present to you here.


RFID code label (since 2016)

Since the spring/summer 2016 collection, most Moncler products have carried security tags with integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips, each containing a unique ID. This ID is identical to the ID printed under the QR code. If you scan the QR code with a smartphone or go directly to, you can authenticate your product there.

Moncler Jackets - Original RFID Code Security Label


Products with safety labels

Moncler product Label position
Swimsuit Backsides/inside
Swimming trunks Backsides/inside
Ballerinas No label
Glasses Label/pendant
Belt Backsides/inside
Gloves Inside the left glove
Pants Inside at the height of the waist left
Cap/Cap Back/inside
Leggings Back/inside left
Outerwear Inside
Earmuffs Headband (removable)
Sandal (thong) No label
Sarong Edge
Scarf Edge
Ski cap / Balaclava Backsides/inside
Sneakers Right bottom side (if removable)
Boots Right bottom side (if removable)
Beach towel Edge
Knitwear Inside
Bag Sewn to the lining


QR Code Label (2013-2015)

From 2013 to 2015, Moncler used its own security label, which was equipped with a QR code and a hologram.

QR code security label

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Certilogo safety logo (2008-2012)

Moncler jackets manufactured between 2008 and 2012 carry a Certilogo safety label. The Certilogo is a 12-digit ident code in red and blue writing, which can be found on an extra plate. On this plate there is also a phone number, SMS and a web address of Certilogo. When you receive the jacket you enter the code on the website and get online information whether the jacket is original or fake. If the Certilogo is missing, it is very likely a brand fake.

Moncler Certilogo security logo:Certilog safety label

Moncler with certilogo and label

Certilogo label back


Position of Moncler labels / signs

The Moncler brand sign is usually (with the exception of reversible jackets) sewn in the center of the shoulder area of the jacket.
However, some models have the Moncler logo near the comic/cartoon.
On the plate is the lettering MONCLER and the logo, nothing more. If the model name is on the plate, it is a counterfeit product.

The Moncler size specifications sign always has the same material and color as the Moncler label.
The Moncler care instructions sign is always placed on the left inside of the jacket (from the wearer's point of view). Any other placement indicates a counterfeit brand.
Not every Moncler jacket has a Moncler Comics/Cartoons Logo on the inside of the jacket, but if there is a cartoon, it is always on the left/bottom of the lining.

Logo patch

The writing and logo of the patch are neatly and accurately embroidered but never printed. Also important is the correct position on the jacket. For example, a fake may have the patch on the chest when it should be on the sleeve (or vice versa).

The best way is to look at the jacket and the position of the sticker you are interested in and compare it with your jacket.

Moncler jackets label / shield

Moncler brand label

Moncler jackets with cartoon / comic in the lining

If available, then the cartoon is placed in the lining of the jacket. The cartoon tells in French and English how to wash the jacket. The colors of the cartoon must appear somewhat pale. Fakes, on the contrary, the colors are often very intense.

Moncler jackets - comic in lining

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