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Levis jeans

Levi's brand stands for innovation and quality. The products are especially known for their stability and durability. This is also symbolized by the logo, which was created in 1886 and can still be found on the 501® jeans. In the center of the logo, you can see a pair of jeans that can even withstand the pulling force of two horses. The 501 is the original model of jeans and is still very popular today, which is why there are also many fakes on the market.

Brand: Levis

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The brand Levis

The company was founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss. Levi Strauss developed the first blue jeans in 1873 and patented them. Even today, Levi's is one of the most popular jeans brands and the 501® jeans is the most famous and most worn jeans model worldwide. In addition to jeans, Levi's products also include accessories, underwear as well as outerwear, such as T-shirts or denim jackets. Handbags, backpacks, purses and many other leather goods are also available from the iconic fashion brand.


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How do I recognize an original pair of Levis jeans?

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the most famous and world's leading trading companies for jeans pants, which is why there are also a lot of Levis fakes on the market. How to recognize a real pair of Levis jeans, we will describe you with the help of the following authenticity features of a original Levis 501 jeans.


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Levis jeans pants button

Authenticity feature: original Levis 501 button

The silver shimmering trouser button is printed on the front with: Levi Strauss & Co S.F. Cal. The back usually has a three-digit number stamped on it (formerly a single-digit number).


Rivets for extra stability

Authenticity feature: original Levis 501 rivets

Levi's jeans owe their special stability mainly to the high-quality copper rivets. The rivets of an original Levi's jeans have an embossing on both sides. Check whether " L S & Co - SF" can be seen on the rivet. If there is no embossing, but the surface is smooth, this is an indication of a fake. An original pair of Levi's jeans has six rivets on the front of the jeans. These are located on the pockets: Four on one side (usually on the right) and two on the other.


Levis label

Authenticity feature: original Levis 501 label

Each pair of Levis jeans has a label (tag) on the back right at the level of the waistband above the right back pocket. In the center are two horses running away from each other and a pair of jeans connected to them, which, according to legend, was not torn by the horses. Below is the patent reference from 1873 and the model type and size (Waist and Length).


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Levis tab (flag)

Authenticity feature: original Levis 501 flag / tab

An original pair of Levi's jeans can be recognized, among other things, by the Levis Red Tab. This red flag (Tab Device®) is sewn into the right back pocket of a genuine Levi's jeans as well as Levis jeans jackets. In addition to the red Levis tab, the Levis flag is also available in orange, construction, silver and black. By the way, some flags do not have the Levis lettering, but only the copyright symbol. This is normal and not a characteristic of a fake.

Another Levi's trademark is the Arcuate Stitching Design®. This is the double bow, which symbolizes the wings of a bird. It consists of two seams that run parallel on the back pockets of Levis jeans. The seams must be exactly parallel and in the middle they form a diamond.


Levis jeans fabric

Fake Levi's jeans can be recognized especially by their inferior material. Examine the fabric of the jeans. The material of fakes is usually thinner than that of original jeans. Moreover, the denim fabric quality is worse, so fake Levi's can feel a bit rough.


Fabric color

Another feature that helps to distinguish fakes from the original is the color of the fabric. The jeans should not stain when worn, this usually only cheap fakes do. In addition, Levi's jeans are usually lighter on the inside than on the outside. This is the result of the weaving technique of the denim. If the color of the pants fades after a few washes, this can also be an indication of a cheap counterfeit.


The price

An original pair of Levi's jeans costs about 90 euros in Germany. Do not be tempted by fake stores with cheap offers. If all jeans of a store are reduced by 40% or more, this indicates a fake store. To be on the safe side, check if your store is a fake store is or buy Levi's jeans from authorized Levi's dealers (to the Levis store finder)



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Video: Distinguish original from fake Levis 501

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