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Lacoste polo shirt

The Lacoste polo shirt, designed by René Lacoste in 1933, founded sportswear with its chic and sporty look. It has survived the ages without looking a day older! Due to the numerous colors and the timeless quality of its cut, this classic should not be missing in any male closet. L.12.12 Original: classic cut Ribbed collar 2 pearl button closure Short sleeves with knit cuffs Green crocodile (3 cm long) Solid color Straight cuffs with side slit in 100% cotton.

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Brand: Lacoste

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Lacoste polo shirts are very popular and the price is not cheap. For this reason, the polo shirts are often counterfeited and sold to unsuspecting customers. Especially brazen online stores offer the fake even at the original price. In the following we describe the authenticity features by which you can tell whether it is a fake or an original.

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Lacoste polo shirt buttons

Original Lacoste polo shirt button

The buttons on a classic original Lacoste polo shirt make each shirt unique, as they are made of mother of pearl. The buttons are thus a natural product and clearly distinguishable from plastic. Each button of the original looks different and shimmers a little silver. The shade of the buttons can vary between white and cream.
A classic Lacoste polo shirt may have only 2 buttons.

Original vs Fake Lacoste Polo Shirt

Original (green) vs. Fake Lacoste Polo Shirt (beige)


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Lacoste shield on the neck

The label in the neck has already unmasked many a plagiarism. For example, the original has a single label in the neck for the EU market and no other "additional labels". US imports have an extra label under the inside tag. There are several options when it comes to sizing: Current models write the cut of the shirt on the main label (i.e. "Slim Fit" or "Classic Fit"). The sizing label is usually based on French sizes 2,3,4,5 etc, since it is a French brand; supplemented with the US sizing.

Original Lacoste shield & pendant

Lacoste crocodile logo/emblem

Original Lacoste crocodile logo

The typical Lacoste crocodile logo is an important distinguishing feature between original and plagiarism. Thus, the logo is always sewn on the original and never embroidered. The difference in quality can be seen quite easily with this feature. Another authenticity feature is that the crocodile is sewn on with thread in the color of the polo shirt fabric. On the back, the shape of the crocodile can be seen with thin threads. The crocodile logo must be neatly made so that teeth & feet must be clearly visible.

The position of the Lacoste logo is between the 2nd button & the end of the neckline on the left side of the chest.

Lacoste crocodile logo

Originalo Lacoste crocodile logo


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