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La Martina polo shirt

Brand: La Martina

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La Martina polo shirt label

La Martina polo shirts have a unique serial number on the label, which can also be found as a "code" on the label on the shirt or polo shirt and must be identical. So that the wrong serial number is not so easily recognized in the case of a fake, product counterfeiters like to cover it up with a sticker.

la martina tag
La Martine product tag/label


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La Martina polo shirt hologram

The holograms that are on the label in the garment are welded on and thus cannot be separated from the label. They last even after hundreds of washes. If you hold the hologram against light, it shimmers very plastically in a 3D effect.
With counterfeits, the 3D effect is not as pronounced or is completely absent. In addition, the holograms can be removed from the label with a little pulling or rubbing. The production of the holograms is very difficult for product pirates to copy.

la martina hologram pendant label
Pendant label with hologram
la martina hologram label (sewn in)
Sewn in label with hologram


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