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The Guess bag collection includes handle bags, shoulder bags, Guess Luxe leather bags, clutches and evening bags. The bags range in an approximate price range of 120-250 euros. They are all of high quality workmanship and available in different sizes, shapes, materials and colors. The typical Guess denim style can be found among the Guess bags of course.

Brand: Guess

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The fashion brand Guess

The fashion brand Guess was founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers and is based in Los Angeles. It sells under the names GUESS, GUESS Kids, Baby GUESS, GUESS by MARCIANO, G by GUESS, GUESS Factory and GUESS Department Store in the areas of women's fashion, men's fashion and children's clothing and accessories. Including bags, watches, jewelry, and perfume.
Guess became known for its stonewashed denim jeans, which were lighter in color, more figure-hugging and softer than its competitors' jeans. Previously, jeans had only been available in indigo blue or bleached look. The new stonewashed denim style and the zippers at the ankle of each pant leg were Guess' first box office hit.
After Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Eva Herzigova, Laetitia Casta and Camila Cabello have already advertised for Guess in the past, Jennifer Lopez is the new face of Guess in 2018.

How do I distinguish an original Guess handbag from a fake?

The following authenticity features of Guess handbags should help you distinguish a fake and an original.

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Material of original Guess handbag

Original Guess handbags are made of high quality materials, even if they are faux leather or synthetic materials. You can recognize the fraudulent Guess fake by the fact that it is made of low-quality synthetic materials or plastic materials. By touching and feeling it, you can often already tell that it is of inferior quality. Genuine Guess handbag should be soft to the touch, while the Guess fake is usually rigid and firm.
If you press with your finger on the leather of the Guess bag in genuine leather models, the wrinkles in the original material will disappear briefly, but will remain in the fake.


Inner lining of the original Guess handbag

A real Guess handbag always has an inner lining. This is often made of cotton fabric or a high-quality synthetic fabric. You can recognize the Guess imitation by the fact that possibly no inner lining is sewn in or the inner lining is made of a thin, cheap material. In the case of fakes, the inner lining is often so thin that it appears slightly transparent.


The label inside the Guess handbag

All original Guess handbags have the Guess label sewn inside the bag. Usually it is located just above or just below the zipper of the small inner compartment. The Guess counterfeit often lacks this label.

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Sewn label inside Guess handbag

Inside the original Guess handbag is a small fabric label sewn in, on which manufacturing information and a style number are printed. Compare the style number on this label with the style number on the packaging. If it is an original, both must be identical. Furthermore, you can search for the number using a search engine on the Internet and see if the handbag model shown matches yours.


Zippers of the original Guess handbag

On the outer zippers of the original Guess handbag, the Guess logo is incorporated. If this is missing, it is very likely a fake.


The metal of the original Guess handbag

The metal applications such as snaps, eyelets or pendants of a genuine Guess bag are always neatly finished and have a smooth & shiny surface.

In many Guess fakes, these applications show processing defects such as small bubbles, burrs or tarnished surfaces. If you discover such defects on your bag, it is certainly a fake.


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