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Gucci bags

Gucci bags are cult objects, whether they are evening bags, shoulder bags or tote bags. Based on authenticity features, you will learn here how to distinguish an original from a fake.

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Gucci bags fakes

Gucci bags is one of the most counterfeited products in the world. Most of the web store that offers Gucci fashion are not official dealers. Gucci practices a very restrictive distribution policy. Therefore, you can buy Gucci bags either in a Gucci boutique, through the original Gucci online store and a few other online stores. Therefore, be suspicious of online stores that offer Gucci bags and check carefully if it might be a fraudulent web store, a so called "Gucci bag". Fake store acts.


Gucci and Fakes

Makre Gucci is one of the most famous luxury labels in the world. Craftsmanship, elegance and worldwide fame characterize the image of the storied company. This success and image are also the reason why all Gucci bags are massively copied as fakes by product counterfeiters and fraudsters.


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Gucci materials and workmanship

Original Gucci bags GG logo on canvas and leather
Authentic Gucci handbags are made from High quality materials expertly made. If you want a bag with the typical Gucci "GG" Logo such as the Jackie O Hobo, then make sure that the "GG" logo on the canvas is always symmetrical and clearly printed. On leather bags, the logo is always clearly stamped, but never printed. These characteristics often do not apply to fakes.
The seams on the bags are always perfectly and evenly made. The thread is sewn at a slight angle, and therefore does not 100% run in a line.

Metal applications (hardware)

Gucci bags metal eyelets, zipper & buckles

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All Metal parts such as buckles, chains or zippers bear the Gucci lettering and should feel solid and heavy.
The Zipper bears the words "Gucci" embossed on the back. Due to the perfect workmanship of genuine bags, the zipper of an original Gucci bag should always open easily and without hooking. If this is not the case, it is very likely a fake.

Gucci leather strap with lettering embossing (Heat Stamp)

Genuine Gucci bags tab with logo

All bags are made with the Gucci lettering stamped (a hot stamping). This writing is always inside the bag. New bags have a flap made of leather on which the stamping is stamped. If the bag has an inside pocket, then the leather flap is sewn on there. In older bags, the leather with the stamping is stamped or sewn into the lining.
Each bag bears the following embossing:

made in Italy

For the logo, check that the letters are absolutely symmetrical, that is, all letters have exactly the same height. For the "U", the left part of the letter is thicker than the right part of the letter. Also, all the letters are centered under the ®.
New Gucci models also have a sewn-in fabric label that bears a QR code-like pattern.

Gucci serial number / model number

Original Gucci bags serial number or model number
All new bags have on the back of the leather flap (see above) a Model number, which is often also called Serial number is described. The code consists of 10-13 numbers distributed on two lines.
The code in the upper line describes the respective bag model, e.g. 408825 for the Hobo Soho.
In counterfeits, the production code is either not present, or in some cases only thinly printed or thinly stamped.

TIP: Visit the Gucci online store. There, find your bag and compare the model number given on the website with the code in your bag. If it is not identical, it is most likely a fake.

Notes for older Gucci bags

Many older Gucci bags were already delivered with a model number at the end of the 90s and beginning of the 2000s. They may not have the code on an extra flap, but stamped inside the bag (e.g. on the canvas material). In addition, the numerical code of the upper row of older bags may be interrupted by a hyphen or a dot.

Fake Gucci Bags Tips Video (English)


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