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Dyson Airwrap hair styler

Brand: Dyson

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The Dyson Airwrap hair styler is a hair dryer from Dyson, a premium manufacturer of home appliances. As such, it is not only extremely popular with consumers, but also attracts criminal contemporaries. The global network and international trade are also a boon to product pirates: In addition to official sales outlets, fraudsters also offer pretend Dyson products for sale in their stores, often at seemingly unrivaled prices. So how can you protect yourself from being taken in by criminals?

Always buy Dyson products only from the official store

The company does not sell its products on every corner: a Dyson Airwrap or other Dyson devices can be purchased either via the manufacturer's own website or via a few certified stores. If in doubt, it makes sense to ask Dyson directly. There, you know exactly who offers genuine Dyson products.

However, you can also recognize yourself by various indications if it is a fake store. Often, these providers are not registered in Germany or Europe, but operate from the other end of the world. Here it is worth taking a look at the name of the store and the ending of the domain. It goes without saying that the store must be linguistically and graphically flawless: Suppliers of premium products in particular would never think of having a translator tool break down the language or forego first-class product photos in favor of snapshots taken with a cell phone camera.


Incredibly cheap price

In principle, this rule can be applied to all branded products, so also to Dyson. It is certainly not impossible that one of these high-quality branded devices will also be offered at a reduced price. However, discounts of significantly more than 50% are definitely out of the question. Even if a Dyson device is no longer manufactured in the future.


Mysterious Dyson special series

It happens time and again that dubious stores offer supposedly original devices that are not even known to the manufacturer itself. Even if these products are advertised with slogans like "unique opportunity", "only here with us" or "exclusive anniversary series": If you can't spot them on the Dyson website, they are definitely fakes. Of course, a brand manufacturer would not keep it a secret from its customers if certain products are actually available as a special series.


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Quality of the product and its packaging

When you purchase a Dyson device through official channels, the packaging box already looks valuable and is of course completely undamaged. The device lies in the box in such a way that it cannot be damaged even if things get a bit rougher during shipping. Of course, a Dyson device already makes a good and robust impression when unpacked. This also means that all devices are free of scratches and bumps, and the joints along with screw connections are perfectly straight.

Caution: If one or more of the points mentioned here are not correct, extreme caution is required. Because if it is not an original device, commissioning can be life-threatening under certain circumstances. In case of doubt, you should put the alleged Dyson device into expert hands before connecting it to the power supply and switching it on yourself.


Generally speaking:

Dyson products are comparatively expensive. But the extra cost is recouped over the course of the product's useful life: When the performance of other devices declines or technical defects occur, you can continue to rely on Dyson devices. Quite a few of them are even passed on to the next generation. In the second-hand trade, on the other hand, Dyson appliances are very rarely found - which, of course, also speaks for itself. By the way, Dyson products are extremely energy efficientwhich is another selling point in this day and age.




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