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Crocs shoes

The individual design of crocs shoes is based on the look of Dutch clogs. The lightweight Crosslite plastic in bright colors turns the classic clog with crocs into a modern casual shoe.

Brand: Crocs

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Info about the company Crocs

The company Crocs has made an insane success story with its colorful sandals, wedges, clogs or sneakers since the year 2002. The peculiarity of this casual shoe is its material, the Crosslite foam resin. For this reason, the Crocs shoes have also now sold 300 million times in over 90 countries.

You can find more information on the Crocs Homepage. There you can also Report counterfeits and Branches and specialized dealers find


Originalo purchase recommendation:
Some of the reputable suppliers of Crocs shoes include:

These stores offer a wide range of Crocs shoes at prices starting from about 15,- EUR



Crocs label

Each pair of Crocs should have a tag attached. In addition to a warning about use and the importer's details, the tag also contains a sticker with information about the

  • Model
  • Color
  • Fit
  • Product code
  • Size
  • Barcode
  • Country of manufacture

You can check the product code on the following page:

As a result should be a Patent with a number e.g. "U.S. Patent Nos. 6,993,858 and D610,784; Japan Patent No. 4961516" or similar. If the result of the search = "No results available."is displayed, it is very likely to be a forgery or a fake.

Crocs shoes label with barcode and product code

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Crocs company lettering

The lettering can be found on the shoe in either lowercase or uppercase letters throughout. A mixed spelling like "Crocs" indicates a fake.

Original Crocs font in upper case or lower case letters


Crocs shoes crocodile logo "Duke

The crocodile logo is also called "Duke" after one of the founders. The original logo is imprinted in various places on the Crocs shoes or glued as an application. Make sure that the Original crocodile logo must be clearly recognizable and has six cusps. The fourth hump from the top must be slightly larger than the other humps. Also, the crocodile must have two arms with three fingers each. If one of these features is missing, it is a fake.

Original Crocs crocodile logo Duke with comb and fingers


Crocs shoes material and smell

Original shoes are made from Crosslite. This is a patented foam-resin mixture, which is also known as PCCR (Proprietary closed-cell resin). The material has no pores and feels smooth and flat. It is also very lightweight, odorless, and leaves no sanding/paint marks.

If they notice a chemical or glue-like smell or if the material feels like rubber or plastic, it is a fake.

Crocs inscription on the sole with size and country of manufacture


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