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Converse Chucks Sneaker

Authentic, legendary and at the same time cutting-edge are the trend shoes from Converse. The Chuck Taylor All Star, developed in 1923 as a basketball shoe, has cult status.

Brand: Converse

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Converse Chucks have been the most famous and popular sneakers for decades. That is why they are particularly often counterfeited. Enclosed you will find product features that will help you distinguish a fake from an original.

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Converse Chuck Taylor Logo

The Converse patch is a round thin rubber layer on the side of the shoe and bears the Converse logo. The Patch diameter is about 4.6 cm and is usually smaller for fakes. The rubber is firmly attached to the fabric and must not come off even when strongly bent.

The Logo imprint on the patch must be placed in the center and has the words "Converse All Star" and "Chuck Taylor" and the blue star in the middle. Since 2013, the Registered "®" mark is no longer printed on the logo under the star.
In Converse Chucks fakes, the emblem is often not colorfast and blurred when rubbed more strongly with the finger. In addition, the font of fakes often deviates from the logo seen below.


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Converse All Star Logo on Chucks

Converse All Star Logo Must Not Blur

Converse All Star Shoe Cap

The rubber cap of all Converse All Star shoes is smooth and round shaped. Dents and uneven finish indicate counterfeiting.

Coverse chucks shoe cap

Coverse Chuck's shoe cap must be smooth.


Converse Chucks Label / Tag

Original Chucks are always delivered with tags/labels.

If the Chucks have a strong smell of solvents, this is also an indication that it is a fake.


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