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Canada Goose jacket

Functionality and quality are at the forefront of all Canada Goose products. It is not for nothing that the slogan "Made in Canada" should represent a promise to the company's customers.


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General information about the product

The "Snow Mantra" coat from Canada Goose "is considered the warmest coat in the world for the harshest conditions" and is said to withstand temperatures of up to -70 degrees. The coat owes this functionality in part to down. The large coyote fur on the hoods of the Canada Goose jackets additionally protects the face from frostbite.

Functionality and quality are at the forefront of all Canada Goose products. It is not for nothing that the slogan "Made in Canada" should represent a promise to the company's customers. Like many other branded products, there are also many fakes of the high-priced Canada Goose jackets. We will show you how to recognize these fakes with the help of the following features.

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How to recognize a Canada Goose fake?

Here we explain how to distinguish a real Canada Goose jacket from a fake based on authenticity features.

Canada Goose hologram


Original Canada Goose hologram distinguish from fake

In current Canada Goose jackets is used a Hologram-label sewn into it, which is to confirm the authenticity of the product. It features a polar bear and other elements that can be seen from different angles. In the photo you can see three logos, the logo on the left shows a slightly older version of the logo while the two logos on the right represent the current logo. In addition to the hologram, the quality of the Label indicate the authenticity of the jacket. Fakes often fray the edges of the label.

Canada Goose "Arctic Disc" Logo

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The "Arctic Disc" is the logo of Canada Goose. To distinguish a fake jacket from an original Canada Goose product, you need to take a closer look at the logo. In fake jackets, the seams are usually worse processed and partially fray. In addition, the colors of the stitching often deviate as well. Take a closer look at the maple leaves on the logo. In fake products, these often have a different or wrong shape.

The fur of Canada Goose jacket

Another feature of authenticity is the high-quality fur of a Canada Goose jacket. In the original, the coyote fur is thick and looks luxurious. Fakes often use other fur like raccoon fur. The fur of cheap fake jackets also looks dirty and thin. Often the fur does not appear soft and fluffy, but matted and shaggy. Also check the seams and hems on the hood!

Canada Goose down

While the Canada Goose company uses only germ-free, Canadian down for its products, cheap knock-offs often use other materials to fill the jackets. The danger is that these other materials, such as feather mulch, contain bacteria, mites or other pests. Therefore, the fake jackets also provide much less protection from the cold than the original. Also, compare the thickness and weight of the jacket that may be fake with a product that you can be sure is an original.

YKK zipper

Original YKK zipper differ from fake

Canada Goose uses YKK zippers for its jackets. Therefore, check whether the zipper has the appropriate marking "YKK" and can be closed without hooking.

Products packing

Canada Goose products are delivered in a high-quality white box. On the center of this packaging is the Canada Goose logo, the "Arctic Disc". The ordered product should be neatly folded and wrapped in plastic again upon delivery.

Canada Goose Dealers & Web Shops

Make sure they order Canada Goose products from an authorized retailer. For this purpose, Canada Goose's website offers a list of retailers that are sure to sell original products. Steer clear of buying from websites that seem weird to you. Also, offers that are way too cheap may indicate a fake. Tips how to Recognize dubious fake stores can also be found on Originalo.

Canada Goose website

On the website of Canada Goose you will find some very helpful information how to Canada Goose fakes recognize.

In addition, you can contact the Canadian office/the Contact RCMP plagiarism point of contact..

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