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Calvin Klein clutch

The black handbag from Calvin Klein. The upper material of the clutch is made of high quality, soft lambskin. The classic shape is decorated with the CK logo in gold and impresses with incorporated folds. Opening through a zipper, the inner compartment offers plenty of space for everything a woman needs over the evening. The strap can be removed and so the black handbag turns into a clutch.


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Recognize Original & Fake Calvin Klein Bags

Calvin Klein, Inc. is one of the world's leading fashion or designer brands. Designer collections for women's and men's clothing are designed under the label.

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The material

Check the material. If it is leather, it should smell like leather. If it is durable canvas, it should be sturdy and well sewn. The material can tell you a lot about the quality of the bag.


The seams

Calvin Klein handbags are characterized by very neatly finished seams, which are made with their. Crooked and irregular seams are a sign that you are looking at a fake product. If there are no seams at all (for example, if the lining is glued on), they should also become suspicious.

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The inner lining

Check the lining. If the inside of the Calvin Klein bag feels tight and sounds like paper rubbing together, then it is a sign of a fake. Genuine designer bags usually have a soft high-quality synthetic lining inside. Again, check the seams of the lining if relevant and observe if they are double seams (not always the case).


Calvin Klein label with hologram

The label (tag) of the bag shows the serial number and a hologram.
The hologram has several rings, shimmers in different colors and shows the lettering "CK Kalvin Klein".

Calvin Klein bag - label with hologram

Label with hologram


The smell

The smell of a bag can reveal its authenticity. Many fake bags are made of synthetic materials and smell like glue or chemicals. Make sure that the bag does not smell intensely of them.


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