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Birkenstock Shoes & Sandals

From eco-shoe to trendy sandal - Formerly scorned as eco-slippers, Birkenstock sandals are now seen every day in summer. With their comfortable footbed and modern colors, the shoes have become the absolute trend.


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General information about the product

From eco-shoe to trendy sandal - Formerly scorned as eco-slippers, Birkenstock sandals are now seen every day in summer. With their comfortable footbed and modern colors, the shoes have become an absolute trend. A real classic is the "Arizona" model. The color palette ranges from classic shades like black to snake pattern and metallic. And also the popular toe sandal or toe separator are combined by celebrities like Heidi Klum not only to the casual everyday look, but also with pleasure sometimes to the chic jumpsuit.

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Birkenstock fakes on Amazon

Birkenstock disputes with Amazon over product counterfeiting

In December 2017, Birkenstock in a press release announced that it will no longer supply its shoes to Amazon. Birkenstock thus draws the consequences from the fact that, according to Birkenstock, counterfeit shoes of the popular brand are sold via Amazon Marketplace without Amazon doing anything about it. In addition, Birkenstock explains on This announcement has caused a large media echo and the topic of counterfeit products on for many consumers in the focus moved. The Birkenstock homepage also explains what Birkenstock does against fakes and counterfeit products.

How do I recognize original Birkenstock?

As with many popular products, there are many fakes of Birkenstock sandals in circulation. How you can distinguish fake Birkenstock from an original, show you the following authenticity features.


The Birkenstock shoe box

Birkenstock cardboard - distinguish original and fake

Original Birkenstocks are always delivered in a Birkenstock shoe box. The Carton of older models is white and blue, while the Carton newer model is completely blue and only the logo and inscription are white. The Carton of children shoes on the other hand is white with blue lettering. If your ordered shoes are a limited edition, it may be that the shoe box is black and the lettering is white.

On each box there is a label, with a detailed description of the shoe, as well as a model drawing.

Important TIP: Be sure to compare the information from the label on the box with the product you purchased. If the information does not match, it is a fake shoe.

Original Birkenstock shoe box distinguish from fake


Birkenstock footbed details

Original Birkenstock insole with writing

The footbed of an original Birkenstock shoe shows the following details:

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  • Shoe size (German size, large in millimeters, character code)
  • Footprint (outlined for normal width and filled for narrow width )
  • Birkenstock logo or lettering
  • Made in Germany (Birkenstock does not produce in China)
  • Leather mark (either only outlined or with "Brand Sole Leather" imprinted)

Only with soft footbed:

  • either on the far left the specifications "soft footbed" with an angular outer line or
  • "Soft Footbed" under the "Birkenstock" lettering

When you slide your finger over the indications, you should feel that the Details lightly embossed in the leather are. If the details are only printed with color and they do not feel a slight difference in height, then it may be a fake shoe.

The Specification color depends on the shoe model and year of manufacture:

Shoes with normal footbed, the from made in 2017 have a yellow print all the since 2017 manufactured shoes have a black print.

For shoes with a Soft footbed show the information in blue font

At vegan models from Birkenstock, the indications are imprinted in the color green.



The Birkenstock pattern of the sole

Birkenstock sole - distinguish fake and original

The color of the shoe sole does not indicate whether it is original Birkenstock. This is because they come in a wide variety of colors, from white to purple to black. To recognize fake Birkenstock, you need to take a closer look at the pattern of the sole. Here, pay attention to the size of the patterns and, if possible, compare them with Birkenstock shoes, where you can be sure that they are original. Also, if the shoes are genuine, you can see the word "Birk" in some of the boxes on the sole.


Birkenstock lettering or logo

In addition to the Birkenstock lettering on the footbed of the shoe, there is another lettering on the buckles of the Birkenstocks. Depending on the model and size of the buckle, it says either "Birkenstock", "Birken" or "Birk".

Birkenstock buckles - distinguish original and fake


Price and weight of the shoes

Do not fall for too good offers. Models like "Gizeh" and "Arizona" cost about 40-80€ in Germany. If the shoes are offered for much less money, they are most likely fake Birkenstock. Also, when buying, you should pay attention to the weight of the shoes. Original shoes are usually much lighter than cheap fakes.

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