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Adidas sneaker

The brand with the three shoots, or the three-leaf logo, has produced so many successful sports shoes, as hardly any other brand. Whether Adidas Originals, Adidas Performacne or Y-3 - casual shoes from adidas can be found in all metropolises of this world.

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Brand: Adidas

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Buy original Adidas sneakers online

Adidas is one of the most popular sports brands in the world with its sportswear and sports shoes. No wonder that counterfeiters put the brand shoes on the market as a cheap copy and thus deceive the buyer. Therefore, when buying online, note that the do not fall for so-called fake stores. Find out how to Safely detect fake stores.

Originalo purchase recommendation
The reputable online stores for Adidas sports fashion include:

These stores are trustworthy and offer a wide selection at fair prices.

Adidas shoe box

The original shoe box has a sticker that shows the shoe name and other following features:

      • Country of manufacture
      • EAN PO
      • Color
      • Type designation
      • Shoe size

The label on the shoe box of a European shoe shows the sizes for different countries US (USA), UK (Great Britain) , F (France), D (Germany), J (Japan) and CHN (China).

Please check: Does the information on the shoe box match the information on the label inside the shoe? If not, then it is a fake.

Original Adidas sticker on shoe box

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Original Adidas Superstar shoe box with sticker

Adidas label/label in shoe

The label on the flap of both shoes usually shows this information:

      • Country of manufacture
      • Shoe size
      • Production date
      • EAN PO
      • Serial number (usually on the label under the EAN number)

Please check:

      1. Does the information on the shoe tab label match the information on the box label?
      2. Is the serial number at the bottom of the label different on the two shoes?

If they answer "no" to the questions, then it is very likely a fake.

Original label in Adidas Superstar

Smell of the sneaker

New shoes have a valuable smell, which, depending on the material, smells like leather or, in the case of synthetics, somewhat artificial. However, an original shoe should not smell like glue or give off any other intense odor.

Adidas counterfeit report

If you suspect that a retailer or website is offering counterfeit products, you can report them via the Adidas website. There are the following information pages for this purpose:

What to do if I bought a counterfeit product?

Further information/links on counterfeit products

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