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World Cup Adidas DFB Germany Jersey

Brand: Adidas

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Adidas DFB Germany 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey

For the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Adidas and the DFB have presented the new jersey of the German national team. There are the Germany World Cup jersey in two different versions. The version Adidas DFB Authentic Jersey and the Adidas DFB Repica Jersey.

Both jerseys are original jerseys, but they were developed for different target groups and differ significantly in some features such as material, cut and applications.

The 2018 World Cup will once again delight millions of soccer fans and people who want to buy a fan shirt out of solidarity. So much demand also attracts scammers and product counterfeiters who want to capitalize on it. They sell over Fake stores or marketplaces fake jerseys and fake soccer shirts.

Originalo purchase recommendation
Among the reputable online stores for original World Cup 2018 DFB jerseys are:

These stores offer original Adidas World Cup 2018 jerseys at fair prices.


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In the following we describe the Jerseys differences based on the Adidas DFB Home jerseys in the color white with black pattern. However, the differences also apply to the Adidas DFB Away jerseys in anthracite/green.

Adidas DFB Home Shirt - Authentic World Cup 2018

Distinguish original Adidas DFB logo from fake

Authentic Adidas DFB Jersey Jersey is identical to what the German national team wears on the soccer field for the World Cup / World Cup 2018 as a home jersey. The fabric and cut of the shirt meet all the requirements of a professional soccer player to give maximum performance for the duration of a soccer match.

The Adidas & DFB Logo is printed to reduce friction during movement in the game for the German soccer players. The Shirt fabric is called Climachill. This mesh material is particularly light and transports sweat especially well. The Jersey cut is also made in a slim fit.

Adidas DFB Home Shirt - Replica

The Adidas DFB Jersey Replica is also an original jersey and as the name "Replica" suggests NOT a fake! However, it was not developed for the soccer player, but for the soccer fan and therefore differs from the Authentic jersey.

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The Fabric is called Climalite, is a little more robust and is more comfortable to wear because it is cut wider. In addition, the Adidas and DFB logos as well as the FIFA World Champion Badge embroidered, which looks a little more valuable. To also ensure an optimal fit for the fan are the fan shirts at the shoulders and torso. wider cut.


Comparison: Authentic and replica DFB jersey

All distinguishing features between the Authentic and Replica DFB jersey at a glance:
Distinguish original World Cup FIFA logo from fake

Feature Authentic jersey Replica jersey
Adidas logo Thermal printing logo woven
FIFA World Champion 2014 Logo Thermal printing logo woven
DFB logo Thermal printing logo woven
4 World Champion Stars Thermal printing woven
Jersey cut skin tight far
Jersey material Climachill (print left/bottom) Climalite (print left/bottom)

If these features are not found on your Adidas DFB Jersey, it is most likely a counterfeit or a plagiarism.

Original World Cup Authentic jersey with flag distinguish from fake


Original World Cup jersey "The team" distinguish from fake


List of fraudulent World Cup 2018 online shops/fake stores

Check if the online store you want to buy from is in the list below. The web stores listed here are potentially dubious and were created through our own research and based on the experience of other users. You run the risk of buying counterfeits (so called plagiarisms) instead of original Adidas products or never receiving your purchased products.

Video: World Cup Jersey 2018 - How to appoint an original or a fake

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