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List of dubious Moncler fake stores

    Moncler fabric patch

    List of Moncler fake stores to avoid when buying Moncler fashion and tips & advice on safe online shopping.

    Information on the brand Moncler

    Moncler was founded in 1952 in France and initially designed as a jacket for expeditions and skiing. Later Moncler became the official outfitter of the French national alpine ski team at the Grenoble Olympics. The logo with the small rooster on the upper arm of the Moncler down jackets reminds of the glorious time in 1968.
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    Safe and trusted online stores for Moncler include:

    These online stores offer a wide selection of Moncler jackets at fair prices.[/arrow]

    Moncler Fake Shops

    Moncler down jackets are very exclusive and therefore especially often counterfeited by product pirates. The fakes are mainly offered on the Internet. If you search for "Moncler Outlet" or "Moncler Sale" on Google, you will often be directed to professionally made Moncler online stores of product counterfeiters, who sell Moncler plagiarisms from China or Asia there. These Moncler fake stores are hard to distinguish from legitimate web stores. On these well-made scam stores, Moncler jackets are offered for sale to the gullible users. To avoid being scammed and ripped off, you should pay very close attention to where you shop!



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    How do I recognize dubious Moncler fake stores?

    You can find the original Moncler homepage here:

    Websites that carry the brand name Moncler with an addition such as "Sale" or "Outlet" in the URL (e.g. are fundamentally not authentic and are very likely to sell counterfeit products.

    Also, avoid online stores where they notice the following:

    • Prices are significantly cheaper than other webshops
    • Exotic payment methods such as "Western Union" are offered
    • German texts are incorrectly formulated

    You run a high risk of being scammed on these websites with these features.


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    If you are unsure whether a web store is unserious, then use our Checklist to recognize dubious online stores or find out about Moncler security features at our Fake Check.


    List of potentially dubious Moncler fake stores:

    Check if the online store you want to buy from is in the list below. The web stores listed here are potentially dubious. You run the risk of buying counterfeits instead of the original designer brand or never receiving your purchased products.
    down (be very careful here, because also dubious traders can sell on eBay)
    moncler down
    monclerjackets >> is basically reputable, but here should be careful, because also unserious dealers use yatego as a platform to sell fakes.


    Legal notice is completely free of charge for you. This is important to us, because we want to educate as many people as possible about counterfeiting. Nevertheless, we also have to earn money, for example to pay our editors or servers. Therefore we publish e.g. advertisements, guest articles or set so called affiliate links. On this site we have especially in the section "Originalo purchase recommendation" so called affiliate links to trustworthy online stores. Other advertising-financed links are marked with a "*". Learn here more on the topic.

    The published URLs are based on experience reports of other users. does not guarantee the topicality, correctness and completeness of the URLs and information provided. If you notice any errors, please contact us via our Contact form.



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    298 thoughts on “Liste unseriöser Moncler Fake-Shops”

    1. Hello. moncler vests so greatly reduced I can not believe. Is this a fake site? Please for info. Thanks

    2. These websites are also fake stores:

    3. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

      Unfortunately, I also fell for a "sale" and got a fake from GB (which was not recognizable at first).
      Customs and police could not help me. How can I contribute to the arrest of these fraudsters?
      Is there any way, how do you go about it?
      After all, this is fraud and harms the company and my wallet.
      The company is called Brandzstyle.
      With kind regards

      1. You surely mean the store By sharing your experience, you help other users to form an opinion about the store.

    4. Is it mandatory that all Moncler items have a Certilogo ? What about baby snowsuit ? It doesn't have one, but I'm sure it's an original. Does the year of manufacture matter?

    5. I would like to report another dubious address here, which offered MICHAEL KORS bags and now, three days after my order, can no longer be reached. Instead, you are redirected to a page where it says that this Internet site has been shut down by an American court because counterfeits were sold through it :

    6. Hello, is the store Fake??? If yes please add to the list.
      Imprint missing, logging in again not possible, no answer to customer inquiry.
      Thank you

    7. Please check the store :
      Whether the serious and no fake store .
      Imprint missing
      Contact : Company address missing

    8. hello , have bought 2 jackets at "" with the email "" and paid on 22.12.2017 and now the communication is totally broken and we get no more info.
      Can you tell me if this site is a fake provider and what you can possibly do to get your money back.
      Thanks for your feedback
      Benno Frank

    9. Is this store for real?
      I discovered a Facebook ad and they are offering up to 80% discount?
      Seems strange to me. There is also no imprint to be found, but under privacy the correct company address is given.


    10. Hello have ordered at what and paid with credit card. Ordered on 04.12.17 until now I have no idea where the parquet is located on emails they do not respond and a phone nr.there is not.What can I do?
      LG Sarah