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List of dubious Louis Vuitton fake stores

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore

    Here is a list of online stores you should avoid when buying Louis Vuitton products.

    Louis Vuitton information

    Louis Vuitton (LV) is the most valuable luxury brand in the world. The products of the brand include in particular leather goods such as handbags, suitcases or shoes, but also jewelry, watches and other accessories. Original Louis Vuitton products are recognizable, among other things, by the LV monogram, which is placed more or less prominently visible. The company celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2014. Among the advertising faces of LV is Angelina Jolie.

    Originalo purchase recommendation:
    You can find very good used Louis Vuitton bags in these reputable stores:

    • Rebelle
    • The dealer Vite Envogue offers on eBay used Louis Vuitton items. Here your purchase is protected by the eBay warranty and you also have a right of withdrawal (return).
    • Premium Mall

    Louis Vuitton online stores


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    Louis Vuitton is one of the most exclusive brands in the world and is therefore particularly often counterfeited by product pirates. The fakes are mainly offered on the Internet. If you search for "Louis Vuitton Outlet" or "Sale" on Google, you will often be directed to professionally made online stores of product counterfeiters, who sell plagiarisms from China or Asia there. These fake stores are hard to distinguish from legitimate web stores. On these well-made scam stores, fake products are offered for sale to the gullible users. To avoid being scammed and ripped off, you should pay very close attention to where you shop!

    How do I recognize Louis Vuitton fake stores?

    Example of a fake store:

    louis vuiton fake store with speedy bag

    You can find the original Louis Vuitton homepage here:

    Websites that carry the brand name Louis Vuitton with an addition such as "Sale" or "Outlet" in the URL (e.g. are basically not authentic and sell counterfeit products. Louis Vuitton Statement onFake Outlets (English).


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    Also, avoid online stores where they notice the following:

    • Prices are significantly cheaper than other webshops
    • Exotic payment methods such as "Western Union" are offered
    • Texts are poorly translated or worded

    Websites with these features put you at a high risk of being scammed.

    If you are unsure whether a web store is unserious, use our Checklist to recognize dubious online stores or inform yourself with our Fake-Check about Louis Vuitton Security Features.

    List of dubious Louis Vuitton fake stores:

    Check if the online store you want to buy from is in the list below. The web stores listed here are potentially dubious. You run the risk of buying counterfeits instead of the original designer brand or never receiving your purchased products. (Caution is advised with eBay, as dubious sellers could be selling fakes) (great caution is advised with ioffer, as dubious sellers could be selling fakes)


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    amboss-hair >> is not a real forum but a site that makes users believe that is serious.


    Legal notice is completely free of charge for you. This is important to us, because we want to educate as many people as possible about counterfeiting. Nevertheless, we also have to earn money, for example to pay our editors or servers. Therefore we publish e.g. advertisements, guest articles or set so called affiliate links. On this site we have especially in the section "Originalo purchase recommendation" so called affiliate links to trustworthy online stores. Other advertising-financed links are marked with a "*". Learn here more on the topic.

    The published URLs are based on experience reports of other users. does not guarantee the topicality, correctness and completeness of the URLs and information provided. If you notice any errors, please contact us via our Contact form.



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    180 thoughts on “Liste unseriöser Louis Vuitton Fake-Shops”

    1. Beware of .It came another cheap plastic bag with LV, and of two ordered items only one.Contact impossible,also not wanted?Will file a complaint.

    2. Does anyone have experience with the online stores
      "" or ""
      I know that they are fakes, but I want at least a good fake and also want to get the bag, although that is probably safe with cash on delivery payment

    3. There are no sacondhand stores at LV should
      At LV there is never a sale or
      downgraded goods
      By the way, there are many features to recognize a fake LV at first sight .....

    4. Hello, I bought and paid for a LV bag at bag Valley. Only when debiting noticed that the bag comes from China. Immediately tried at Paypal to stop payment - Unfortunately.
      Recipient does not answer.
      What should I do?

    5. Urgently warn against "
      Not only are the products fake here, but so is the whole company. You get a tracking number for shipment tracking, which eventually comes to nothing and the goods never arrive. Strange is that you can pay with PayPal and thus enjoy buyer protection. Where there is the fraud advantage of the company I do not know. In any case: Hands off!

    6. Unfortunately, I fell for it extremely. And my money. Is of course also gone. ? I have left several messages to eu bags valley because these lousy scammers have no phone number. I am so afraid that I will have to pay some customs fees with my transferred money. ??

    7. I want to ask you, do I make myself punishable if I buy a LV bag zb. at Amazon, if so why are there so many LV providers on the Internet, or can I buy them unconditionally, I do not have to own a real LV bag, I can not afford but I like them very much, my acquaintance always wants to have all LV, can they please answer my mail

      Karl Lang

    8. strongly suspect is also a fake store.among other things they offer payment like Preferred Carrier Visa Mastro JCB Western Union EMS DHL FedEx......Hä Western Union I have read that such a thing does not exist...

    9. Attention: is a fake store that offers goods that it does not have and therefore does not deliver! On inquiry friendly eMail contact with apologies and assurances that the paid goods within 24 h will be sent. Then suddenly "radio silence". Money is - as already expected - gone!

    10. Hello I found the Boon Clan ("") on which LV bags are offered ...
      Even with real leather belt !
      Thank you greeting birgit

    11. Hello
      Looking for the Pochette Accesoire NM, which is now no longer available for 8 months, I came across the store: LV Landauerrunde, which offers this bag.
      A fake store ?????

      1. The page is not available right now.
        Please note: The cheapest LV is a POCHETTE ACCESSOIRES for 400 EUR. Normal bags start from 700 EUR.
        Any new LV under these prices is 100% a fake!

    12. I warn against - eMail traffic via China!
      Chanel replica ordered from, from the above email address then information.
      Unfortunately I paid with Western Union to save 15 %, then only verzögerne
      Mails, then without comment the contact from China canceled.