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List of dubious Adidas fake stores

    Recognize Adidas Fake Shops

    General info about Adidas

    Adidas Fake Shops The Adidas brand was founded by Adolf Dassler and today it is the second largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world. Adidas produces not only sneakers and sneakers, but also sportswear, accessories, sports equipment and everything that falls under the sports and casual fashion. In addition to the main brand, the products of the Adidas Originals brand are particularly trendy. Many well-known shoe models of the 70s and 80s were reissued under this brand as part of the retro wave, such as the models Allround, Gazelle or Samba. The current trend shoe is called Adidas Yeezy Boost, which was created in cooperation with Kayne West.
    Originalo purchase recommendation
    The reputable online stores for Adidas sports fashion include:

    These stores are trustworthy and offer a wide selection of Adidas fashion at fair prices.

    Adidas online stores

    Adidas is, as already described, a world-renowned sports brand and is therefore particularly popular with product pirates. The fakes are preferably offered in online stores. If you search for "outlet", "sale" or "cheap" on Google, you will often be directed to professionally made online stores of product counterfeiters. Instead of the expected original shoes, they sell plagiarized ones from China or other Asian countries. These Adidas fake stores are hard to distinguish from legitimate web stores. To avoid falling for these scam stores and getting ripped off, you should pay very close attention to where you shop. It is best to check right away whether the store you are visiting is on the list of fake stores below.

    Video with 5 tips: How to recognize Adidas fake stores

    How do I recognize Adidas fake stores?


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    Example of a fake store:

    adidas outlet Fake Shop Offers

    If you are unsure whether a web store is unserious, then use our Checklist to recognize dubious online stores or inform yourself with our Fake-Check about Adidas shoes safety features.

    Also, check if the website you are visiting is listed in the list of dubious fake stores at the bottom of this page.

    Visit the original Adidas Homepage and compare the appearance and price of the original product with your offer.


    List of dubious Adidas fake stores

    Check if the online store you want to buy from is in the list below. The web stores listed here are potentially dubious and were created through our own research and based on the experience of other users. You run the risk of buying counterfeits (so called plagiarisms) instead of original Adidas products or never receiving your purchased products.


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    foot - Fakes are often offered here, so you should be careful here




    Legal notice is completely free of charge for you. This is important to us, because we want to educate as many people as possible about counterfeiting. Nevertheless, we also have to earn money, for example to pay our editors or servers. Therefore we publish e.g. advertisements, guest articles or set so called affiliate links. On this site we have especially in the section "Originalo purchase recommendation" so called affiliate links to trustworthy online stores. Other advertising-financed links are marked with a "*". Learn here more on the topic.

    The published URLs are based on experience reports of other users. does not guarantee the topicality, correctness and completeness of the URLs and information provided. If you notice any errors, please contact us via our Contact form.



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    1,045 thoughts on “Liste unseriöser Adidas Fake-Shops”

    1. Hello, I ordered shoes from tireandball.
      Until today nothing arrived and was only put off that I should contact the dhl.
      But the shipment number does not exist.
      Have written to them that I want to get my money back, no response.
      Do I have a chance?

    2. Hello my girlfriend ordered something on 06.04 at home fitness. com.. Since comes or came until today nix. Is that fake. On her bank statement is something completely different...

    3. Hello, great post! Thanks!!!
      could Kickwho also be a fakeshop?
      Please provide feedback, a thousand thanks,

    4. Would love to buy some replica Yeezy.
      These two sites are often mentioned on the Internet for "good fakes":


      Do you have any experience with this?

    5. Hello.
      I also fell for a fake store. This is not included in the list, but definitely fake!!! Have ordered Adidas shoes and after 4 weeks now get 2 sunglasses ??? allegedly from Ray Ban. Outside the package is even on it that supposedly shoes are in it,which is already not possible from the package size. So but was not opened by customs apparently and I am unfortunately the stupid. Should have visited your page before.
      Now 50 euros are gone and I have 2 glasses that are certainly not even worth 10 euros.
      By the way, the page is called if you want to include it in your list. I should have been suspicious of the name. Well, too late....but maybe no others will fall for it now.

        1. very unserious!
          has anyone had negative experience with scams from this site?
          Ordered 2 pairs of adidas sneakers and received 2x Ray Ban fake glasses.
          I hope that my card number will not be abused.
          MfG Fizz