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yesyeezyshoes experience - All info about the fake store

    Attention yesyeezyshoes fake store

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    The Chinese store is a so-called fake store. Fake stores are fraudulent online stores. A fraud store looks like a real brand store to the untrained user. These stores either do not deliver the ordered goods or deliver them in inferior quality (e.g. as a fake).
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 Offers not only Yeezy fakes, but also Air Jordan and other Nike sneakers, as well as the noble brand Balencia. All offered sneakers are fakes and not original!

    What is the risk of buying through

    1) You will not get original product
    2) Counterfeits are very often confiscated by customs (you may also be warned by the brand manufacturer).
    3) The quality and durability of counterfeit is worse than the original.
    4) Counterfeits often contain harmful substances
    5) Your private data may be sold or shared.

    Originalo purchase recommendation
    Secure and trusted online stores for Nike Shoes & Fashion include:

    These online stores offer a wide selection of Nike fashion at fair prices.

    What experience have buyers had with

    Users of report that although the shoes are shipped from the store, they are also often stopped at customs or confiscated. So you have the risk of losing your money.

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    More information

    What sets this fakeshop apart from others is that the store displays its own logo as well as individual photos of the products. In addition, Paypal is offered as a payment method. The PayPal account of the store runs on, among others, the e-mail address The Hotmail domain is another indication of the store's unseriousness. Discount codes are also offered via social networks such as Instagram and YouTube. This is to gain as many customers as quickly as possible before the store is closed by the authorities and the brand owners. In this case, you will lose the money you have paid, because you have almost no chance of finding out who the sellers are in China, let alone taking action against them.
    We therefore strongly advise against buying from yesyeezyshoes!

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