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Recognize dubious Timberland fake stores!

    Recognize original Timberland and fake stores

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    List of Timberland fake stores to avoid when buying Timberland boots and tips & advice on safe online shopping.

    The brand Timberland

    The US brand Timberland was founded in Boston in 1973 and has established itself as a shoe and outdoor clothing manufacturer. Under the slogan "Make it Better" Timberland produces durable shoes and boots made of high quality leather. Particularly famous is the waterproof "Yellow Boot", which was the first product to be launched under the Timberland brand. This model is particularly cult in the US rap and hip-hop scene and inspired the rapper Timberland to his name. Over the years, these shoes have become a stylish accessory with which stars such as Rihanna, P. Diddy or Rita Ora adorn themselves. The range has been constantly expanded over time and now also includes care products, T-shirts, pants, bags and jackets in the typical design of the brand.

    Originalo purchase recommendation
    Reputable online stores for Timberland shoes and fashion include:

    These stores offer a wide selection of Timberland boots at fair prices.

    Timberland Online Shops

    Timberland is, as already described, a world-renowned fashion brand and is therefore particularly popular with product pirates. The fakes are preferably offered in online stores. If you search for "outlet", "sale" or "cheap" via Google, you will often be directed to professionally made online stores of product counterfeiters. Instead of the expected original Timberland fashion like boots, pants or jackets, they sell plagiarized products from China or other Asian countries. These Timberland fake stores are hard to distinguish from legitimate web stores. To avoid falling for these scam stores and getting ripped off, you should pay very close attention to where you shop. It is best to check right away if the store you are visiting is on the list of Timberland fake stores below. The list is based on the experience of our users.

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    How do I recognize dubious Timberland fake stores?

    Example of a Timberland fake store:

    Example of Timberland fake store for shoes
    • Visit the original Timberland Homepage and find out about the appearance and price of the original product.
    • If you are unsure whether a web store is unserious, then read tips on how to Detect fraudulent fake stores.
    • Also, check if the website you are visiting is listed in the list of dubious Timberland fake stores at the bottom of this page.

    List of potentially dubious Timberland fake stores

    Check if the online store you want to buy from is in the list below. The list is largely based on what users have experienced with these Timberland fake stores. The Timberland web stores mentioned below are potentially dubious. You run the risk of buying fakes (so-called plagiarisms) instead of the original Timberland products or never receiving the purchased products.

    Not found the webshop you are looking for? Simply make a Comment with the address of the website and we will check the website for you!

    Legal notice
    The published URLs are based on experience reports of other users. does not guarantee the topicality, correctness and completeness of the URLs and information provided. If you notice any errors, please contact us via our Contact form.

    Advertising notes is completely free of charge for you. To finance our costs we place advertising and affiliate links. You can find these links in the "Originalo Buy Recommendation" section, where we link to trusted online stores. Learn here more on the topic.

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    181 thoughts on “Unseriöse Timberland Fake-Shops erkennen!”

    1. ""
      on this site I placed my order. They now have my credit card details.
      I fear this store also a fake. I think below in the comments the store is already mentioned.

    2. Hello,
      during my search for boots from Timberland I came across this page:
      What do you think?
      Greeting Jutta

    3. I have ordered Timberland Boots at and paid , received a confirmation with order number....
      The shoes have not arrived. Do not get any feedback either.

    4. have clarks searched have stumbled upon this store

      Copyright © 2019 "" Powered by Shoes Shop
      this is supposed to be a shoe store?

    5. Hello, I have ordered with the site:
      Funny that the debit was made in CN¥ (converted to Euro).
      Can anyone contribute to the above page?

    6. Please can you tell me if this online webshop for Timberland shoes is a fakeshop or a legal store?:

    7. Please can you tell me if this online webshop for Timberland shoes is a fakeshop or a legal store?:

      Thank you for the information!

    8. I have ordered from "" but have not received any confirmation of receipt yet. How should I deal with this?

    9. is guaranteed also a fake store. low prices, bad German, unfortunately I have already created an account but thank God in the last moment times in vain searched for the imprint.

    10. ""

      also seem to be fake stores
      - very cheap offers (Boots for 118 Euro instead of 250 )
      - Credit card only
      - Info about shipping etc. in absolutely bad German / on the other hand in absolutely bad English
      - are probably related the two sides
      - Both no imprint and absolutely amateurishly constructed

    11. I didn't order anything there, but it looks 100 % fake, no imprint, no physical address, etc. Same with "" - fingers away

    12. I bought Timberland shoes cheap on "". I am afraid that this is a fake store. Does anyone have experience with this store?

    13. Hello,
      there is another online store you should check:
      The website offers super cheap timberland.
      Please give me information if everything is working correctly here.

      1. The Timberlandshop Swen Voigt is not serious. We have received after payment and debit to a Chinese account after 3 weeks a pair of imitation Adidas socks, instead of Timberland Boots for over 100 euros. You should not order anything there in any case, otherwise the money is gone

    14. I ordered Timberland shoes from a site called "" but it's been over a month and I haven't received the package yet. Is this also a fake site?

    15. Has anyone had experience with Mausuren portal.
      Just got carried away shopping there.
      Since no confirmation of receipt came, I became suspicious.
      No imprint, so I knew I had fallen in.
      The payment can no longer be withdrawn.
      Have now sent three mails (German & English).
      I do not expect a reaction.

      Has anyone already successfully granted and how?

      Thank you

    16. I was looking for the ankle boots timberland courmayeur valley chelsea olive green and came across the site The shoes cost there 82,37€. On the original timberland site these shoes cost 169,90€. I am not sure if this web store is reputable.
      I would be pleased to receive an answer.

    17. Hello,

      just discovered a great Timberland boot on the homepage that is 50% cheaper there than retail.
      In view of the current Black Deals etc. I am alein because of the price not yet stutzig become, however, alarmed me the poor German and the missing imprint (!) .
      probably you should include this store in your list too 😉

      Love greetings
      Susann Florian

    18. Hello, I think I have discovered a new fake store.
      Seems very unserious and too cheap.

      This is a fake store, isn't it?
      Michael, thanks for the answer - Britta

    19. ""


      could you please tell me if the above website is a reputable website and sells original Timberland products?

      Mfg Corvinus

      1. The Polish site of Saleneo has been certified by Trusted Shops. We have no information about the authenticity of the products at

    20. I would like to add this: I asked the customer service of Timberland and I got the answer that all online stores except those of Timberland are not authorized to sell the shoes.

    21. Hello, I stumbled across so many spelling mistakes and bad English translation at "" at "Prices and Shipping" that I became skeptical. Is this site known and what should I make of it? Thanks a lot.

    22. I ordered Caterpillar Tracklayer Work Boots and got cheap shoes from China that don't look anything like the shoes I ordered, neither in color nor in material. They are also not Caterpillar - not even fake.... There are some Chinese characters on the shoes.
      The website : ""
      Obviously also a fraudulent site that I fell for.
      I am now trying to get the money back via the credit card bank - but I don't think I have much of a chance.
      Expensive lesson paid..... 🙁

    23. is fake? Because I want to order timberlands that are so espresso brown that shine a bit. However, they are from 140€ to 78€ heruntergesezt.

      1. The site is Trusted Shops & Google Certified and has imprint with contact details and offers Paypal. Therefore, we would classify the site as trustworthy.

    24. Hello together,

      are there any tips and hints on how to tell the difference between the original and fake model A113V?

      Can anyone help me with this?

      Am suspicious because the green logo on the bottom of the sole looks smaller than on the homepage on the Internet.
      But perhaps there are several variants.

      Looking forward to feedback

    25. Hello
      I recently ordered a pair of 6inch timberlands in black for 145 euros now they have arrived and today I had them on the first day and had an abfärbung on my socks that has made me wonder and wanted to know if the side
      E is a fake site (for fake shoes)

      If so how can I proceed now ?

    26. I unfortunately bought two pairs of Timbarland shoes today and didn't realize until I checked them out that they came from China.
      In the website it said Timberland Nantes with logo. ""

      What to do?

      1. Since is a fake store, please contact your credit card institution and describe the case, even if the chance of a refund is very slim.

    27. Could SIe check if "" is a Timberland Fake Shop? I ordered goods, the amount was charged immediately, but my inquiries are not answered. I am afraid that I will not receive any goods and the money is gone.

      1. At is the German offshoot of the British online store The store has a serious-looking imprint, a contact phone number and a very large Facebook fan page. If you pay there with Paypal, you should be on the safe side.