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Recognize dubious Calvin Klein fake stores!

    Distinguish original Calvin Klein fashion from fake

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    List of Calvin Klein fake stores you should avoid when buying Calvin Klein underwear & fashion online, plus tips, guides & customer experiences.

    General info about Calvin Klein

    The brand "Calvin Klein" belongs to THE fashion brands when it comes to clothes, shoes, underwear and accessories. The founder of the brand was the eponymous Calvin Richard Klein, who launched the company in 1968. Although he is no longer the owner today, he has noticeably influenced the design and marketing. Popular stars like Myla Dalbesio, Justin Bieber and Kate Moss have already modeled for the fashion label. The brand "Calvin Klein" has "Calvin Klein Jeans" and "Calvin Klein Underwear", as well as "White Label" and "Platinum Label" and the noble "Calvin Klein Collection".

    Originalo purchase recommendation
    Reputable online stores for Calvin Klein fashion include:

    These stores offer a wide selection of Calvin Klein fashion at fair prices.

    Calvin Klein Online Shops

    Calvin Klein is, as already described, a world-renowned fashion brand and is therefore particularly popular with product pirates. The fakes are preferably offered in online stores. If you search for "outlet", "sale" or "cheap" on Google, you will often be directed to professionally made online stores of product counterfeiters. Instead of the expected original Kalvin Klein fashion like jeans, underwear or accessories, they sell plagiarized products from China or other Asian countries. These Calvin Klein fake stores are hard to distinguish from legitimate web stores. To avoid falling for these scam stores and getting ripped off, you should pay very close attention to where you shop. Check right away if the store you are visiting is on the list of Calvin Klein fake stores below. The list is based on the experience of our users.

    How do I recognize dubious Calvin Klein fake stores?

    Example of a Calvin Klein fake store:

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    Calvin Klein Fake Shop Example

    • Visit the original Calvin Klein Homepage and find out about the appearance and price of the original product.
    • If you are unsure whether a web store is unserious, then read tips on how to Detect fraudulent fake stores.
    • Also, check if the website you are visiting is listed in the list of dubious Calvin Klein fake stores at the bottom of this page.

    List of potentially dubious Calvin Klein fake stores

    Check if the online store you want to buy from is in the list below. The list is largely based on what users have experienced with these Calvin Klein fake stores. The Calvin Klein web stores mentioned below are potentially dubious. You run the risk of buying fakes (so-called plagiarisms) instead of the original Calvin Klein products or never receiving the purchased products.

    Not found the webshop you are looking for? Simply make a Comment with the address of the website and we will check the website for you!

    Legal notice
    The published URLs are based on experience reports of other users. does not guarantee the topicality, correctness and completeness of the URLs and information provided. If you notice any errors, please contact us via our Contact form.

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    9 thoughts on “Unseriöse Calvin Klein Fake-Shops erkennen!”

    1. is also FAKE!
      The site looks very Calvin Klein and has a great selection. With the web address you do not get the idea that it could be a scam.
      Ordered a ladies belt, arrived on 06/05, after about 6-7 weeks from China. Not even close to how the picture on the website.
      Should be leather and gold belt buckle, the buckle is gray, the "leather" PVC. Payment by credit card.
      Unfortunately for me too late the answer from Admin Micha...

    2. Hello,
      I bought a "Calvin Klein underwear ladies bustier MODERN COTTON - BRALETTE " via This part was sold by GameStore Stuttgart. Price 29,95
      When this part arrived, it was immediately apparent that it was a crude fake. Rarely seen such a sloppily finished part.
      If necessary, I can submit some photos later.

      With kind regards

    3. Verona-Karina Skurka

      Unfortunately I also unwittingly fell for a fake store:
      Suggests to be a German store, but according to the tracking number, the goods - in my case a pair of CK shoes - are shipped in China. Only more than the shipping can not be further tracked. Not even after five weeks. The shoes were hardly cheaper than on Amazon, for example. Have ordered there only because of the available size.
      How do I get back the amount paid? Payment was made by credit card.