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List of dubious Wellensteyn fake stores

    Recognize Wellensteyn Fake Shops

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    List of Wellensteyn fake stores you should avoid when buying Wellensteyn jackets and coats, as well as tips & advice for safe online shopping.

    Info on the brand Wellensteyn

    Wellensteyn jackets are among the most popular branded products in Germany. The company from Norderstedt near Hamburg has been producing workwear since 1952. Wellensteyn started manufacturing fashion and functional clothing only in 2003. Since then, Wellensteyn winter jackets in particular have become real lifestyle jackets for men and women due to their excellent quality, fashionable cuts and useful functionality.

    Originalo purchase recommendation:
    Some of the reputable suppliers of Wellensteyn jackets & fashion include:

    These online stores offer a wide selection of Wellensteyn jackets at fair prices.

    Wellensteyn Online Shops

    Wellensteyn has become an internationally known fashion brand with its winter jackets and coats. It is therefore often counterfeited by product pirates. The Wellensteyn fakes are preferably offered on the Internet, in so-called fake stores ("fake" comes from English and means "counterfeit"). You can find them by searching Google for "Wellensteyn outlet", "Wellensteyn sale" or "Wellensteyn cheap", for example. The professional-looking online stores are operated by product counterfeiters who sell plagiarized products from China or other Asian countries instead of the expected original brand products there. These Wellensteyn fake stores are hard to distinguish from legitimate online stores. To avoid falling for these scam stores and getting ripped off, you should pay very close attention to which web store you are shopping at. It is best to check right away whether the online store you are visiting is listed on the blacklist of Wellensteyn fake stores below.

    How do I recognize dubious Wellensteyn fake stores?

    Here you can see an example of a Wellensteyn fake store:

    Wellensteyn Fake Shop Example
    Important tips to recognize fake stores:

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    • Read through our guide, how to recognize Wellensteyn fakes can
    • Visit the original Wellensteyn Homepage at and find out about the appearance and price of the original product.
    • If you are still unsure whether a web store is dubious, then read our tips on how you can Detect fraudulent fake stores.
    • Check if the website you are visiting is listed in the list of dubious Wellensteyn fake stores at the bottom of this page.

    List of potentially dubious Wellensteyn fake stores

    Check if the online store you want to buy from is in the following blacklist. The list is based on experiences that users have reported with Wellensteyn online stores. The Wellensteyn web stores mentioned below are potentially dubious. You run the risk of buying fakes instead of original Wellensteyn fashion or never receiving the purchased products.

    * There are two independent companies Peek & Cloppenburg with headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. The store linked here is part of the Peek & Cloppenburg KG group of companies, Düsseldorf, whose locations can be found at

    Not found the webshop you are looking for? Simply make a Comment with the address of the website and we will check the website for you!

    Legal notice
    The published URLs are based on experience reports of other users. does not guarantee the topicality, correctness and completeness of the URLs and information provided. If you notice any errors, please contact us via our Contact form.

    Advertising notes is completely free of charge for you. To finance our costs we place advertising and affiliate links. You can find these links in the "Originalo Buy Recommendation" section, where we link to trusted online stores. Learn here more on the topic.

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    450 thoughts on “Liste unseriöser Wellensteyn Fake-Shops”

    1. There is a store called The prices are after "put in the shopping cart around 80.00 euros. An imprint exestiert not, because of customs duties is the speech, it is assumed that the goods, despite. de comes from abroad. Where from is not to be understood. For me, there is something wrong and I do not dare to order there.

    2. When searching the Internet for Wellensteyn immediately appears (eg "") even before the link

    3. Wanted to order a jacket at Specified were several payment methods.
      Ultimately, when I had the jacket in the shopping cart, only PayPal remained as a payment option. This was then too unserious for me, because especially when contacting me always the note: Error when transferring the request. Please try again later.
      Then wanted to cancel the order, but could not. Instead came an invoice from PayPal.
      But I have not.
      What can I do to cancel the order? Or just ignore the invoice?

    4. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Wellensteyn Team, is this address also a fake store, or are these very cheap offers no longer available in the program jacket.

    5. offers above average and suspiciously cheap Wellensteyn jackets - was not listed before...

    6. "" wanted to order three jackets here can they tell me if this is a fakeshop when paying for the three jackets I have to pay only 130.-€ via Paypal it says.

      Wellensteyn Airlight ladies winter,SilkyHiTec,Black/Black jackets online
      1 €86.30
      Wellensteyn Jaguro men winter,HDDAirTec,black jackets outlet
      Wellensteyn Jaguro men winter,HDDAirTec,black jackets outlet
      1 €84.22
      Wellensteyn Husarian men winter,BlackAirTec,Black jackets outlet
      Wellensteyn Husarian men winter,BlackAirTec,Black jackets outlet
      1 €96.98
      Subtotal: €267.50
      Discount_Cancellation_After_24_Hours -€137.50
      UPS /DHL /TNT /Fedex /USPS: €0.00
      Final amount: €130.00

    7. Sabine Schelbert

      I am unfortunately also on the online store fallen in....
      I got my goods here...then they wanted to transfer the money back to me....meinten but it would take some time....
      When I then asked again...they wrote that they had already paid it back....
      How to deal with it now? Is there any way to get your money back????
      Does it make sense to file a complaint with the police????

    8. Hello,

      just found a nice model on the following site. However, very cheap, which makes me wonder. Does anyone know?


    9. Hello hello

      My daughter found the site: Where you Wellensteyn jackets are very cheap.

      What about this site? Is it reputable?

      Lg Ilona

    10. Hello I bought a Wellensteyn Schneezaubèr jacket online. Now I noticed that inside is not Schneezaubèr, but Clothing Company is written. Is the jacket original or fake?

    11. Good day,
      have found on the site "" unspeakably cheap jackets from Wellensteyn.
      Believe with this pricing, however, that it is a fake store. Is that so?
      With kind regards

    12. Good day
      Someone made experience with KWides ?
      This is the model I am looking for and this costs in the
      Store just under 300€


    13. Hello,
      probably another fake store for Wellensteyn products:

      Bad translation, missing imprint etc.

    14. Good day,
      today found the site - "". Among other things, Wellensteyn. I assume that this is also a fake store. Is that so?

    15. Found your site too late. I just ordered and paid for 2 jackets at "". Is this also a fakeshop? How do I get my money back?

      1. The site is a fake store. Please contact your credit card company to find out what chance you have to get your money back.

    16. Hello,
      can someone tell me if : "" a fake store? There is no imprint on the website

    17. Hello, have found 3 stores, think all 3 are fake stores.



    18. Hello,
      does anyone know the store I have found no imprint with this online store.
      Would love to buy a jacket from Wellensteyn there.

      Kind regards

    19. Kasia Przeździęk

      "" , what is this store? I ordered Jacket there 2 mths ago and no contact.

    20. are these pages real? "" or "" or "" or "". Thank you . Ah one more question if these sites sell fake textiles, why are the operators not arrested right away???
      Best regards Monica

    21. Good day,
      I found a very cheap wellenstyn online store and wonder if it can be reputable.
      The store has the name and seems to be based in Italy.
      Is this a reputable online store?

      Sincerely F. Horstmann

    22. Hello.
      I have a question, please. Is this web original wellensteyn web or is that fake?
      Thank you very much!


    23. This site apparently also belongs on the list, as only Maestro Card is possible as payment and on all Jackeb 40% are.


    24. Ordered a jacket from Wellensteyn on Magento, and made my payment via Master Card. Since I don't get an order confirmation, I did some research. On my order it says at the bottom of the page :
      Is this a face store? if so, what do I have to do now?

    25. Did not find the store tierbestatter for Wellensteyn jackets in the fake list. Do you have experience with the SHOP TIERBESTATTER?

    26. I ordered from and did not receive any goods. My credit card provider cannot cancel the payment because I authorized the payment myself.

    27. I think that the store "" is also a fake shop, considering the prices, the lack of an imprint and the extremely poorly supported conditions.
      Am I right?

    28. Ordered from Amount from (TAIYUAN TRADE CO.L BEIJING) is debited, no goods received.
      Looks like fakeshop to me ????

    29. At I would like to warn everyone not to buy. I fell for the scam. The site is from chinese and they have probably plundered the bank card for a week! Card had to be blocked!

    30. Good day,
      at you can find ladies jackets from Wellenstey,which are 50% below the store price.
      Can not imagine, especially how many parts are always there (at least 5000)
      My mind tells me that this is a fake store.

      Can you verify that?

      With kind regards


    31. engelbert schenkl
      this is a Chinese store of the worst kind.
      Advertise with German address but then send cheap and fake Fiji junk.
      Complaining is pointless - you are constantly turned away, you should even order again with a discount.
      Am pissed off and been cheated by 130 euros
      FINGER WAY- such companies should be publicly denounced

    32. "" are quite rightly on the list. Hands off!

      A tip that also helps in other cases: If a store does not provide an imprint (which it should by law according to the TDG), then something must be wrong.

    33. Blame yourself....have also been blinded by a fake online store and the insane online offer.
      Please take the store "" on your list. I have received goods, but a completely different "CheapWare" and then also in a totally different color. Currently, I am still arguing about redemption, they then offered me 40 % discount. I have now threatened with lawyer, because I know a little about debt collection. Unfortunately, however, I have no knowledge of legal claims with online foreign transactions. I am still waiting for their reaction. Even though I fear that nothing will come out of it

      1. Hello Claudia, I also ordered something from this site. Ok, if another jacket comes, is half as bad, but they have already debited me from the account more money than the jacket supposedly costs. Once 132, 00 euros and once 89.00 euros, although the jacket is specified with only 122 euros. What is your experience, can they deduct more? What could I do?

    34. My son ordered 2 Wellensteyn jackets on a German site: woolrich with "" (
      After receipt mail was apparent that the goods and the site is from China ..... After 3 weeks came another Chinese "cheap jacket".

    35. Hello,
      I have ordered from "". Money was debited via VISA - even more than shown and no goods received so far. Seems to be a fake store too, right?
      What can I do now? Reclaim the money via my bank?

    36. I found this one: "".
      Breuninger is advertised there. How does it look with that. I think times fake.

    37. I have ordered from Money was debited via VISA - even more than shown and so far no goods received.

    38. Hello, if it is known that there are so many fake stores from Wellensteyn, I do not understand why not all blocked and properly punished. How can something like this be tolerated. Since you have to do something against. That must be in the interest of Wellensteyn or do I see it wrong.

    39. Ordered from one of the above stores because I was clueless. Was pointed out by my son. I do not know how I can reverse the purchase.

    40. Hello I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with the site "", there is also the wellensteyn logo to see

    41. Oliver Breidenbach

      You have forgotten one called
      I fell for the pure....habe ordered from them only because of the addition de and paid with visa. After the conclusion I was redirected to a china page and there it made klik with me. Of course no imprint and even the credit card fees that go to verkäuferlasten seid kurzm were debited with. Let's see what visa says about the incident. To go to the police and make me ridiculous there and in addition still insulted I can save me

    42. Hello Together!

      Beware of "" !!!!
      This Chinese guy has been spamming me ever since I exercised my right to cancel and try to get my money charged back to my credit card.
      I also found out who hosts his site and I'm on his tail....

      1. Good morning,
        Here is my info on "":
        After I got it that it is a fakeshop, I tried several times in different ways to cancel the order. No reaction from the store (which by the way is in CHINA!!!).
        I had my credit card blocked. Before that, of course, came the debit. My purchase price was about 124 EUR. Debit was about 148 euros! "Conversion rate"! Now would not be added customs duties (if jacket would ever be delivered...)
        I was also sent a tracking number to track the shipment. With this tracking number, a delivery was confirmed after a few days. However, to a person who is unknown to me. Transport company and German Post see order as completed, because delivery "successful".
        I went to my bank with all the correspondence. They somehow objected to the credit card charge. In the meantime, I got my money back from credit card company.
        So to all: don't be fooled!
        Take care of retrieval / cancellation at your bank!
        I went to my bank with all my

    43. Hello, I have unfortunately only now called their page. Stupid. Namely, I have ordered at also, mail has scared me, so I THEN, AS ALWAYS TOO LATE, have read on the Internet about fake stores. Immediately called my bank, card blocked, written that I want to cancel the order. Let's see how it ends. I'll get back to you. I hope some of you were lucky and could get the money back.

    44. Christine Weishaupt

      I ordered a jacket from Wellensteyn at "". Can not find this site in your list. Do you know if this is reputable? Unfortunately have only received the debit and neither a confirmation nor a jacket....

      Thank you very much.

    45. Hello,
      do you have experience with ""?
      Many thanks in advance and best regards
      Ia Mariamidze

    46. Hi team
      Got a jacket online at
      Ordered ,, is that ok ??
      Is this a fake store ???

    47. I also ordered a jacket there. me goofball!...waiting already 8 weeks....
      have unfortunately too late on the top right on the round > i < symbol paid attention to... !.coal is gone... !!!
      but worst of all: that I have given all my, address ,card data+check digit....
      Who knows what kind of garbage they do with it....AUBACKE! Card of course immediately locked.

    48. Hello , I have ordered a jacket at on 6.1.2018 until today nothing has arrived. Is this a fake site? They have also debited instead of 128 €, 158 €

    49. I found this store: Wellenstyn ,

      The items are very reasonably priced. Is this a fake store too?

    50. ""
      I would buy this jacket in a heartbeat if this is the real price.
      "Ladies,Winter,100% Polyamide,PrincessAirTec, Haygreen
      Size M
      Edit 155,00 €
      155,00 €
      Remove Item"
      Copy from the shopping cart on the above page

      Unfortunately, the site does not seem serious to me.
      I would be very pleased to receive an answer.

      W. Shield

    51. Hello.Have also been fooled by a German website Money would be debited.on mails comes no response and for 2 weeks no goods. Do you have experience with it money you can not go back unfortunately.

    52. Susanne Sauerhöfer

      I unfortunately fell for an offer at Foto Marathon Passau. Even though I may not see my money again I would like to help close this website. What can be done to make this happen and protect other consumers?

      1. Your comment is a very good step to warn other users about Unfortunately, there is little you can do beyond that. The affected brand manufacturers have most more possibilities to take action against fake stores.

    53. Hello, I ordered a jacket on the following site: ""
      Have paid on my order 130, - euros. from my Visa card, however, were debited 160, -. Have unfortunately received no response by mail so far.

    54. Have unfortunately ordered a jacket at let me be fooled by the German presentation of the page. Will probably also be a fake store or?

    55. I ordered a Wellensteyn jacket yesterday in the online store "". Only when I have not yet received a confirmation email, I wanted to call there. Because in the ordering process came after clicking on "binding order" the error message: "sorry, transaction failure. Please continue shopping". But if I click on "my account" I see the received order with the order number 100000976.
      Now I have looked for a way to contact. No phone number, no email address, no imprint. I can not even see where the company is located. And under the menu item "about us" or even under the point " delivery and shipping costs" is a text in gray gibberish.
      I strongly suspect that I have fallen for a fake store.

    56. Christian Plesser

      does anyone know this store: ""
      It's about Wellensteyn jackets.
      Thanks for an info.
      Greeting C.

    57. ""

      Hello, do you know this store?
      Does he represent original goods?

      It has no imprint, sometimes good and then very bad translations.

      M. R.

    58. Hello,

      I have found a very cheap Wellensteyn jacket in the following internet store:


      Unfortunately, I can not judge whether this store is serious. The JAcke otherwise costs around 200-250€, but is offered here for 128€.
      Can you give me some advice?

    59. "" seems Spanish to me. Bad advertising pictures, no address anywhere, no paypal. Suuuuper cheap!

    60. I ordered a Wellensteyn jacket from "" and a completely different jacket from China
      sent to you. There is no delivery bill and no return delivery bill.
      My bank told me I was redirected to a site in China.
      For me a fake site: "" (looks like Wellensteyn is but not)!!!