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List of dubious Tommy Hilfiger fake stores

    Detect Tommy Hilfiger Fake Shops

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    General info about Tommy Hilfiger

    Besides Tommy Hilfiger fake stores, here is a brief introduction to the brand: American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger was founded in 1984 by the fashion designer of the same name, and in the early days designed sportswear and clothing in the so-called preppy style (which is based on the clothing of the "Preparatory Schools" in New England). However, jeans, business wear and accessories as well as shoes and underwear were also added to the portfolio. With a sporty and elegant style, Tommy Hilfiger quickly rose to become one of the most popular fashion brands and today offers a variety of product lines. These include, for example, the lines Tommy Hilfiger, Hilfiger Denim or Tommy Sport.

    Originalo purchase recommendation:
    Some of the reputable online stores for Tommy Hilfiger include:

    These stores offer a wide selection of Tommy fashion at fair prices.

    How to recognize Tommy Hilfiger fakes?

    In the following, we will describe to you on the basis of the Authenticity features how to recognize an original Tommy Hilfiger sweater.

    Tommy Hilfiger Online Shops

    Tommy Hilfiger is, as already described, a world-renowned fashion brand and is therefore particularly popular with product pirates. The fakes are preferably offered in online stores. If you search for "outlet", "sale" or "cheap" on Google, you will often be directed to professionally made online stores of product counterfeiters. Instead of the expected original shoes, they sell plagiarized ones from China or other Asian countries. These Tommy Hilfiger fake stores are hard to distinguish from legitimate web stores. To avoid falling for these scam stores and getting ripped off, you should pay very close attention to where you shop. It is best to check right away if the store you are visiting is on the list of Tommy Hilfiger fake stores below.

    How do I recognize dubious Tommy Hilfiger fake stores?

    Example of a Tommy Hilfiger fake store:

    Tommy Hilfiger Fake Shops Example

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    • Visit the original Tommy Hilfiger homepage at and find out about the appearance and price of the original product.
    • If you are unsure whether a web store is unserious, then read tips on how to Detect fraudulent fake stores.
    • Also, check if the website you are visiting is listed in the list of rogue Tommy Hilfiger fake stores at the bottom of this page.

    List of potentially dubious Tommy Hilfiger fake stores

    Check if the online store you want to buy from is in the list below. The list is largely based on what users have experienced with these Tommy Hilfiger fake stores. The Tommy Hilfiger web stores mentioned below are potentially rogue. You run the risk of buying fakes (so-called plagiarisms) instead of original Tommy Hilfiger products or never receiving purchased products.


    Not found the webshop you are looking for? Simply make a Comment with the address of the website and we will check the website for you!

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    The published URLs are based on experience reports of other users. does not guarantee the topicality, correctness and completeness of the URLs and information provided. If you notice any errors, please contact us via our Contact form.

    Advertising notes is completely free of charge for you. To finance our costs we place advertising and affiliate links. You can find these links in the "Originalo Buy Recommendation" section, where we link to trusted online stores. Learn here more on the topic.

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    216 thoughts on “Liste unseriöser Tommy Hilfiger Fake-Shops”

    1. Alexander Mansfeld

      I would like to draw attention to 2 onlineshops, which exist only since September 2019. According to the imprint, both online stores belong to Whooz Enterprise Marketing UG and are called and, with a managing director named Martin Matheblowski. I have ordered at, 2 brand watches with bracelet advertised as Liebeskind and transferred the money via Paypal payment. Only in the terms and conditions I read that the articles are produced and shipped in Asia. I then had the feeling that it could be fakes and have canceled the order via email to the manager. This does not react to my mails until today. In the meantime, there is also no Paypal payment function on the online stores. Also the page of is no longer available. On Facebook you can also find the page Among other things, this company also makes advertising on Facebook, with the clock which I ordered. There I have now already read 5 comments that these people have also paid for the goods, but never received. I have also already put the Paypal buyer protection, but the manager also does not respond to mails from Paypal.

      1. Alexander Mansfeld

        Have today the money for the watches of, about my Paypal buyer protection get back. Since also at Paypal, no one has responded to their emails. On Facebook I see daily new comments from people who continue to be deceived by this fakeshop. The comments are always deleted immediately. I have already reported this fakeshop everywhere and hope he is caught or at least stopped.

    2. brigitte willadt

      I have ordered from and have not received anything until today Is this a fake store

    3. Have ordered on brown leather boots. After a few weeks and inquiries, I finally received black cheap plastic sports shoes. My inquiries were no longer answered. Am already in exchange with my bank to get back the purchase price paid by credit card. Hope this works out. Are there things I should be aware of?

    4. Hello
      I have seen here very cheap goods and have doubts whether to buy there or not

      I don't know if it's fake or not.
      Help plz !
      If it is fake, then you get the goods or not!"

    5. Hello! 🙂
      I have purchased a children's cap on the site That there was still "jacket" with in the link of the page, I have unfortunately only seen after the purchase, when I got an email in English, although I had read .de.
      I put my credit card information there and now I have big concerns!

      Love greetings
      Kr. Timann

    6. Hello and what about:
      here are shoes from last season and therefore I find it difficult to say whether the price offered is appropriate or
      not either.
      thanks for your help in advance

      Would be at customs, shipped from U.S. with production China.
      According to customs, no production in China.
      Dealer says "no fake" , Customs says: "if fake, report".

    8. Hello
      Have placed an order for 3 months and have received nothing to date.
      Is the store fake or serious
      Thanks in advance

    9. I recently ordered a Hilfiger jacket from an online store and received a no name jacket from China. After several attempts to contact this store I had no success in claiming the delivered goods. I then contacted my bank and they requested a return of payment from "CardProcess". According to the letter from CardProcess, I need a statement directly from Hilfiger that the goods are not original. Can you help me here? The feedback date has been set for 1/24/18. Many thanks in advance and kind regards Sonja Bischoff

    10. Hello I would like to know if this SHop is serious ""
      am not really sure so I would like some info on this.
      Many thanks

      1. Dear George,
        have you found out if the site is reputable? I there the Louboutin shoes seen extremely cheap and am thinking whether I should order?

    11. The "" page appears to be ourios. The "DE" website has no imprint at all. The return information is all in English, the website itself is registered in the USA and the provider who registered the domain is located somewhere in Germany (Max Hertz, address Storkower Strasse 9, 56379 Zimmerschied).

    12. Hello,

      i have another page to add: "".
      Credit card was charged twice 3 days later with excessive currency (Huan). Caution.

      I have blocked the card and will report the incident to the police.

      F. Hansen

    13. Hello I also fell for a Tommy hilfiger fake store
      The goods have not arrived after almost 3 months money is gone.

    14. Welcome, Wolfgang

      Is this internet site - a fakeshop?, The jackets here are all reduced by 50%, also the prices are funny e.g. Euro 283,93 then Euro 141,96, the terms of use are in English, the goods are advertised in German, and the shipping is half in German and English. Thank you very much.

    15. I have ordered from and do not get the money back, I have already called my bank. But do the things still arrive ?

    16. I ask, to what extent can a "fake store" top the original Tommy Hilfiger store in terms of unseriousness and poor service?

      Personally, I've been waiting for weeks for a refund for my returns, and - to the extent that they respond at all - I only get vague answers without any useful information content.

      I can read in review portals that countless customers feel the same way, some have been waiting for their money for months.

      Whether anyone ever gets their money back, I would be interested in their own interest.

      The online store of Tommy Hilfiger does not allow any transparency, is not affiliated with any institution for consumer safety and rejects any online dispute resolution according to the terms and conditions. This means that you can only dispute your money through civil law.

      If you get a fake store instead of the original Tommy Hilfiger store, you can at best get out of the frying pan and into the fire...

    17. Hello,
      Yesterday I ordered something from Of course I paid with credit card. Is this also a fake store?

    18. Hello, I ordered two Tommy Hilfiger polo shirts on 5.8. from and have received nothing so far. Charged via credit card were Chinese yen. Is a fake store, right?

    19. Hello guys I have ordered onlineShop From I have ordered many things from Tommy Hilfiger money is gone Order the clothes for 200 € you get five pairs of socks 2 t- shirt Are not from Tommy hilfiger please hands off big scam internet scammers

    20. Good morning TOGETHER,

      I have ordered on 25.07.2017 at the online store "" ( Tommy Hilfiger ) and have not received any notification until today. Could they please give me information about this ?
      With best regards Ricky Hörmann

    21. I have bought me on 12.06.17 9 pieces of Tommy on the site "", I paid with Visa card, so far I have received nothing.what should I do

    22. Tomyde, on this site I bought a lot, and heard nothing more about it.
      Do I get anything back for my credit card?

    23. "" is also a fake site, I ordered a swimshort and after an eternally long time I received a Tshirt which is absolutely a fake.Really the last crap.

    24. Hello I have what ordered on 7.7.17 and at the conclusion of the order was confirmed to me that the order was successful but grammatically not written correctly, that has made me suspicious, moreover, I have often written to and requested a new password, it was employed me that comes to me a new password to my email address, which was never the case! ?!? The address is "" ??? Is this also a fake site?

    25. I bought two polo shirts from Tommy on 9.06.17 on the site "", I paid with Visa card, so far I have received nothing.

    26. Hello, have seen a sweat shirt only for 50% less (otherwise sold out everywhere) at "". Contact goes only via email, initial request for size was answered promptly, since request for buyer protection "dead silence"...Does not sound serious, right?

    27. I ordered swim trunks at "" and today I received a Tshirt.has anyone experience with it?think it is a fake store.should I block my credit card because I paid with it.

      1. is a marketplace where traders can register and sell goods. The goods offered by traders are not controlled by grosshandel24. Therefore, it is possible that counterfeits are also sold.

    28. I have purchased from a fakeshop
      Is there any way I can get the money back?
      No goods have arrived for 3 weeks.

    29. Sylvia Dressendörfer

      I'm almost afraid I fell in too.
      After several inquiries where the my order remains I never got an answer. The money was of course immediately taken from my Visa card

    30. Hey is also fake?
      I ordered yesterday but today my Master card blocked, I thought vllt is also fake
      Thank you

    31. Hey on Intagram there is an ad that offers thommy hilfiger products really cheap the associated page is called ""
      Can I assume that this is a fake site?

    32. Hi, I came across the following sale page from hilfiger via Facebook. "" Is this a fake store? If so what can I do ?

    33. ""
      Is this a fake site or not?
      Seems to me namely slightly conspicuous when all items are very much reduced and none of them is sold out.
      Thanks in advance 🙂

    34. Good day,
      "" - is this also a fakeshop? Had there almost ordered due to the Paypal - sign (offers buyer protection) but this was possible when paying only by credit card...


      Are probably also fake stores, by the way?

      By the way, what happened to the other orders here ?



      1. and are both Tommy Hilfiger fake stores is a fake store for brands like Fred Perry, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger

    35. Looking for a specific shirt and it's sold out everywhere. Except at and tattooandmore-tv
      However, I fear that they are plagiarism stores.

    36. Dear Sir or Madam, I suspect I have also fallen for a fake store "" Can I possibly cancel the order? With kind regards Katrin Linde

    37. Hello,
      I have two stores here that claim to be from the USA. But I think they are in China.
      "" and "".
      But can not determine exactly if it is so. I had ordered two pants , money was debited and received no response.
      The status is in process since two weeks. The Internet address was first "" This was from Sunday
      no longer accessible. I then found it again at "" of this Internet address.
      Kind regards

    38. Is everything on faked? Have me recently ordered a jacket from solid for 130 €. 😮 but I can hopefully exchange again otherwise...
      Ohjeee I would have known that before haha

      1. Unfortunately, is a fake store. However, whether you can exchange the item or ever get your money back is very questionable based on testimonials from other users.