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List of dubious Jack Wolfskin fake stores

    Recognize dubious fake stores

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    List of Jack Wolfskin fake stores you should avoid when buying Jack Wolfskin jackets and fashion, plus tips & advice on safe online shopping.

    The brand Jack Wolfskin

    Jack Wolfskin was founded in 1981 in Frankfurt a. Main by Ulrich Dausien and quickly established itself as a brand for outdoor clothing. The product focus is on weather-resistant outdoor clothing, such as softshell jackets, fleece tops and trekking shoes. Another mainstay is the associated equipment, such as weatherproof tents, backpacks and sleeping bags. The product range appeals to all age groups, as well as women, men and children alike. Initially, the company supplied only the specialized trade, until it opened its first own branch in Heidelberg in 1993. This was followed by rapid expansion, so that today Jack Wolfskin is represented with more than 3400 sales outlets and over 210 franchise stores worldwide.

    Originalo purchase recommendation
    Reputable online stores for Jack Wolfskin fashion include:

    These stores are trustworthy and offer a wide selection and fair prices.

    Jack Wolfskin Online Shops

    Jack Wolfskin is a world-renowned fashion brand and due to this fact, it is very often counterfeited by product pirates. The fakes are offered by street vendors and preferably in online stores. You can find these so-called fake stores by searching Google for "Jack Wolfskin outlet", "Jack Wolfskin sale" or "Jack Wolfskin cheap". The professional-looking online stores are run by product counterfeiters. Instead of the expected original shoes, they sell plagiarized products from China or other Asian countries. These Jack Wolfskin fake stores are hard to distinguish from legitimate web stores. To avoid falling for these scam stores and getting ripped off, you should pay very close attention to where you shop. It is best to check right away whether the store you are visiting is listed on the blacklist of Jack Wolfskin fake stores below or visit the Jack Wolfskin Homepage if you want to play it safe.

    How do I recognize dubious Jack Wolfskin fake stores?

    Jack Wolfskin Fake Shop Example

    Here you can see an example of a Jack Wolfskin fake store

    Important tips to recognize fake stores:

    • Visit the original Jack Wolfskin homepage at and find out about the appearance and price of the original product.
    • If you are unsure whether a web store is unserious, then read tips on how to Detect fraudulent fake stores.
    • Also, check if the website you are visiting is listed in the list of dubious Jack Wolfskin fake stores at the bottom of this page.

    List of potentially dubious Jack Wolfskin fake stores

    Check if the online store you want to buy from is on the following blacklist. The list is based on experiences that users have reported with Jack Wolfskin fake stores, as well as our own research. The Jack Wolfskin web stores mentioned below are potentially rogue. You run the risk of buying fakes (so-called plagiarisms) instead of original Jack Wolfskin fashion or never receiving purchased products.

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    Not found the webshop you are looking for? Simply make a Comment with the address of the website and we will check the website for you!

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    46 thoughts on “Liste unseriöser Jack Wolfskin Fake-Shops”

    1. Hello,
      Sie können die Liste der Fakeshops um erweitern. Gefunden via Facebook.
      Martin Münker

    2. Yvonne Wiesniewski

      Hello all,
      Ich habe soeben bei bestellt.Jetzt kommt mir dieser Shop unseriös vor, da ich bestell Bestätigung bekommen habe.
      Thanks a lot
      With kind regards
      Yvonne Wiesniewski

    3. Wie sieht es aus mit
      Die Preise sind sehr niedrig.
      Was passiert wenn man dort doch bestellt?
      Many greetings

    4. Hello,
      mir wurde bei Instagram die Seite „“ angezeigt, wo angeblich viele Artikel stark reduziert sind.
      Auf ihrer Liste taucht diese Seite bisher nicht auf. Haben Sie evtl schon Erfahrungen mit dieser Seite gemacht?

      Vielen Dank und beste Grüße
      Franziska Ott

    5. „“
      Ist diese Seite Fake?

      Weit über 10 Artikel im Warenkorb und Preis bleibt bei 119 Euro…

    6. Barber Salon - Jack Wolfskin Cheap Men & Women ... ""
      Hello !

      Please check this store !

      Is certainly a fake

      1. Unfortunately, I have also had experience with this. I was too inattentive, but immediately had my credit card blocked.

    7. But this one is also extremely well made. Probably also a fake, or ?

      What does fake store actually mean ? That the store sells things without the consent of Jack Wolfskin, or that the goods themselves are fakes and therefore plagiarisms ?

    8. I ordered two jackets from "", which looked completely normal. At first glance also the store :((
      Yesterday I now had on my credit card statement a strange amount of 283.43€. The booking from BEIJING and had the designation AIP*GZTHSHUNCHI TR CO. - CNY BEIJING. After I had my credit card blocked as a precaution, I tried to contact the company and went to the non-existent imprint. There immediately jumps a window with the input possibility for the email address. But that was it.
      After that, I took a look at the privacy statements etc. (unfortunately much too late) and found out that there is really only nonsense.
      Well, you can learn from bad luck - this is probably a fake store.

    9. I've always thought to myself, "Who orders from sites that already have names like that as addresses?"

      The comments here speak for themselves o_O!