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List of dubious Ed Hardy stores

    Ed Hardy Fashion Fakes Detect

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    Tips on how to buy Ed Hards Fashion safely online and a list of potentially rogue online stores.

    Ed Hardy fashion on the internet

    Tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy and fashion designer Christian Audigier created the Ed Hardy brand. It is known for stylish and colorful motifs such as grinning skulls, snarling tigers or Japanese dragons, as well as other tattoo motifs. Ed Hardy combines the tattoo style with vintage fashion like no other.

    Because Ed Hardy fashion is very exclusive, the brand is particularly popular with product pirates. The fakes are then offered on the Internet. The product counterfeiters camouflage their plagiarisms behind professionally made online stores, which can hardly be distinguished from legitimate web stores. On these well-made scam stores, the Don Ed Hardy fakes are offered for sale to unsuspecting users. To avoid being scammed and ripped off, you should pay very close attention to where you shop.


    How do I recognize dubious Ed Hardy online stores?

    Check if the Ed Hardy web store you want to buy from is in the list below. The stores listed below are potentially dubious. You run the risk of buying counterfeits (so-called plagiarism) instead of original Ed Hardy.

    Important: Websites that have the name "Ed Hardy" in the URL (with the exception of the Ed Hardy homepage are basically not authentic and are operated by product pirates who sell fakes.

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    If you are unsure whether a web store is dubious, then use our Checklist to recognize dubious online stores or get information about Moncler security features.


    List of potentially rogue Ed Hardy fake stores: (Caution is advised on eBay as our rogue sellers may sell untested Ed Hardy fakes)

    Not found the webshop you are looking for? Simply make a Comment with the address of the website and we will check the website for you!

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    1 thought on “Liste unseriöser Ed Hardy Shops”

    1. hello to each other,
      i was scammed about an ed hardy counterfeiter.
      Name: have ordered goods came not from Germany as I thought, but from arrived yesterday the goods but not the ordered.but other and so what of inferior quality! In addition, you smelled soas of musty have you first washed.and dirty even still there were stains on the sleeve to see.
      I find that so of impudence customers so to treat. The know exactly that you can not do anything against you because you sit in China. and you pay with credit card expensive money and get inferior goods.
      Mf.G. Richard