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In this report we will tell you which products are preferentially counterfeited.

Almost every product of established brands can be counterfeited with more or less effort. Success inevitably attracts envious people who want to make a quick buck with plagiarism. Most people are aware that they are liable to prosecution, but this does not stop them from engaging in product or brand piracy on a commercial basis.


Nothing is safe from counterfeiters

Fashion, jewelry, luxury foods, technical products, medicines, software or even high-quality spare parts - no product is really safe from counterfeiters and product pirates. In the meantime, an increased incidence of product counterfeiting has also become apparent in the food and beverage industry. The fact that counterfeit products are now socially acceptable plays right into the hands of counterfeiters. In the area of fashion and jewelry, it is the well-known designer brands that are used as models for plagiarism. But it is also alarming that, for example, spare parts for cars or airplanes are now being put on the market by product counterfeiters. Product piracy is thus encroaching on areas that are fraught with considerable safety risks. It is often difficult for consumers to recognize counterfeits because original packaging and logos are used.

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Where is counterfeiting?

Many counterfeiters ply their trade in highly technical small businesses. Others have the counterfeits made abroad and import the plagiarized products. Countries such as Turkey or Malaysia and China in East Asia are particularly worth mentioning here. But there are also production centers for counterfeits in Eastern Europe. Poland and Russia, for example, are known for the production of counterfeit cigarettes such as (Marlboro, Camel, West, Lucky Strike), which are then delivered without a tax stamp. Every year, customs seize entire container loads of counterfeit branded products. For a long time, watches from brands such as Breitling, Cartier, Glashütte Original, IWC, Maurice Lacroix, Omega, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Tag Heuer were considered to be a very popular trade item, especially in heavily frequented vacation resorts. Some counterfeiters are so brazen about it that they hand over a certificate of authenticity to the buyers - which is also fake, of course. Tobacco products are currently a very popular counterfeit item. Due to the extreme increase in tobacco tax, the trade in counterfeit cigarettes has become a major component of product and brand piracy.


Software, music and videos plagiarism

Product or brand piracy in the multimedia sector is also referred to as pirate or black copying. Particularly in the area of operating systems (e.g. Microsoft Windows 7), manufacturers of high-quality software suffer immense damage. Programs that are able to create their own product keys for brand-name software or copy existing keys ensure that the black market for software flourishes. The situation is similar for music or video recordings. Here, in addition to trademark piracy, there is also copyright infringement, which also results in severe penalties. Illegal downloads from the Internet mean that music CDs or video DVDs are no longer officially available in stores. This not only leads to a sharp drop in sales for artists and producers, but also distorts the international charts, which are always based on the officially sold media.

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