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Ways to save on shopping

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    Price increases are currently being felt in all areas. The reasons for this are very diverse. In addition to material shortages and supply bottlenecks, the CO2-tax for less money in the wallet. In order not to let the joy of shopping be taken away, there are some methods to save money while shopping.

    Translated into German, "Cashback" means "money back". The name explains the principle pretty well. There are various cashback sites on the Internet. On these you can register and then search for the store where you want to order. A link takes you directly to the from the cashback page to the desired store and can shop there. The operator of the cashback site receives a commission for referring the buyer, which he then passes on in part to the buyer.

    After Abolished the law on discounts in 2001 has been, retailers are no longer bound by the clearance sale to offer their goods at discounts. In order to empty their warehouses and generate free sales space for new merchandise, stores sometimes drastically reduce their offerings. Thus, it is possible to save money in the "Sale" all year round.

    Coupons from advertising
    Many stores cooperate with local newspapers and have their brochures enclosed. The brochures entice customers not only with offers, but also with coupons. In some cases, you can get cash back with the coupons. But there are also coupons that give you a discount on a certain product or allow you to save a certain amount of money directly.

    Influencers have mushroomed in recent years. On social media portals, they use their reach to promote certain products, among other things. In addition to the advertised products, they receive promo codes from the companies, which they share with their community. On the companies' order pages, users can enter these coupon codes and receive a direct deduction on the order value.

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    Environmental awareness has been heightened at the latest since the Fridays for Future movement. Many people attach great importance to sustainability. A good way to throw away less is to drop off used clothing at thrift stores. These are available locally or online. But you can also save a lot of money shopping in stores and usually still get quality branded goods.

    Price comparisons on test sites
    Via online price portals, retailers like to direct their potential customers to their website. The advantage for customers is clearly that they save themselves the trouble of comparing prices and can see at a glance who is offering the best price for a product. So here you can save money with little effort.

    Continue shopping with a clear conscience
    Shopping does not always have to be expensive. If you wait for certain offers and use voucher codes and cashback, you can actively counteract the price increase. Comparing prices makes sense in any case. After all, demand still determines supply today. Last but not least, grandma's tip helps - only shop with a shopping list. That way you avoid buying things you don't need. This still saves the most money and space in your own four walls.

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