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Studies on product piracy and brand counterfeiting

    Studies on the subject of product counterfeiting & product piracy


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    Here you will find some very interesting and freely available studies, reports or literature on the subject of product and brand piracy.


    Free Ernst & Young study (2015)

    Strategies for effective intellectual property protection

    • Every third consumer has already bought a counterfeit - the majority of buyers were aware of the counterfeiting
    • China is seen by consumers and businesses as the number one country of origin for counterfeits
    • Thanks to the Internet and globalization, plagiarisms are coming onto the market ever faster
    • Many companies still too careless - 13 percent do not invest in protecting their intellectual property at all


    Download full Ernst-Young study


    Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (2015)

    Economic costs of infringement of intellectual property rights in the apparel, footwear and accessories sector

    The production and distribution of counterfeit clothing, footwear and accessories (such as ties, scarves, belts or gloves) costs legal businesses in the EU more than €26 billion and up to 363,000 jobs every year.


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    Download full study of the Office for Harmonization


    Free report from NetNames (2015)

    Study on costs incurred by companies due to product piracy

    According to the report "Counting the Cost of Counterfeiting," the costs of product piracy for companies worldwide amount to around 1.6 trillion euros annually. Within the EU, companies in Germany are particularly affected.


    Download the full study "Counting the cost of counterfeiting" by NetNames


    Europol & Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (2015)

    2015 Situation Report on Counterfeiting in the European Union

    First comprehensive and detailed situation report on counterfeit goods in the EU


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    Download full report of the Office for Harmonization



    Older studies

    Karg & Petersen: Combating piracy as a competitive factor, 2010
    Study on the question of how companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are positioning themselves against product and brand piracy.

    fischerAppelt: Plagiarism - a threat to the German economy?, 2009
    German companies provide an assessment of the current situation.

    Ernst & Young: Pirates of the 21st century, 2008
    Study on product piracy, the role of consumers and counterfeiters, and anti-counterfeiting measures.

    Promarca, Bern: Trademark protection made easy, 2012
    An introduction to the topic of trademark protection with a presentation of the legal protection options, possible measures in the event of infringements, and a checklist for trademark protection.


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