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Recognize fake designer furniture

    Designer furniture counterfeit recognize

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    Designer furniture

    Meanwhile, everything is counterfeited, so you need to be careful. Not only T-shirts from designer brands, but also furniture from designers. The whole thing is called plagiarism. It is foreign ideas, which are sold as your own and there is no mention of where you got the information. Only the manufacturers who have the license for the product are allowed to produce it. For this they are protected by copyright. At least in Germany, because here plagiarism is forbidden. In contrast, in Italy and China, for example, it is daily business. So when buying designer furniture, you should research beforehand who is allowed to build it, or ask the manufacturer where his products are sold.

    Detect counterfeit furniture

    But how do you tell from a product whether it is a fake, or the original product?
    Often, the counterfeits are much lower in price. Therefore, it is important that you know the price range of your desired item. If the price of the designer furniture on one website is much lower than the prices of others, it will certainly be a fake. In addition, the warranty period is much shorter. For designer furniture, it is always a few years. By the way, you should pay attention to the license number and CE mark, which are also on some counterfeits. So you should check with the manufacturer whether the numbers are genuine. Furthermore, you can often tell from the article itself, for example, a sofa, whether it is original. If, for example, the upholstery of a big sofa is worn out after a short time, or the color is faded, it is most likely a fake. For this purpose, the screw fittings and milled holes are always very clean and with the same spacing in the original product. Also, the seams of the covers from the sofa must be properly processed.

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    But what is a big sofa anyway? It is a huge, super soft sofa for the living room. Since it's so big, you should measure not only the living room beforehand. As well as the door and the hallway, where the sofa must be carried through. You can individually choose their favorite cover, as well as upholstery. The most fashionable covers are natural fibers, suede, leather and imitation leather. When making this decision, keep your children or pets in mind. Also, when choosing upholstery, consider what age it will be useful for. The harder the degree of upholstery, the easier it is to get up from the sofa and the back problems are supported. It is super suitable for watching movies with friends or family. In addition, it is perfect for couples to relax and for children as a playground. There are several models, for example the Big sofa with sleep function. On it have room for two adults to sleep or parents with their children. So the living room can be easily converted into the bedroom and save a lot of money.

    When buying a piece of designer furniture, especially German sales contracts are much more certain that it is the original product. In addition, genuine items are always all identical and do not differ from each other.

    What to do with counterfeit furniture?

    If you have bought a counterfeit product from abroad, it may not arrive at your home at all. If customs checks the item and finds out that it is a fake, they will confiscate the product. If it does arrive at your home, there is a very high chance that it will break super fast. As soon as you know that it is a counterfeit, you should inform the original manufacturer. The latter can then take legal action against the seller. The important thing for you is that if you were not aware that it was a plagiarized purchase, you will not face any consequences. Also, do not knowingly resell the counterfeit product.

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