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Counterfeits not only made in China. We tell you where fakes come from and where they are sold.


Countries of origin of counterfeit brands

Counterfeits of well-known products make sense only if they can be offered significantly cheaper than the original. Therefore, the selection of production sites for counterfeits is very important. Many commercial product pirates therefore have their counterfeits manufactured abroad. The low labor wages and low material costs in Eastern European and East Asian countries mean that completely new industries have developed here. Meanwhile, counterfeits are also increasingly being commissioned on the African continent. Many counterfeit products in the textile sector, for example, are manufactured in countries such as China or Malaysia. The necessary plans, drawings or samples must of course be provided by the client. Eastern Europe, above all the countries Poland and Russia, are leading in the counterfeiting of luxury goods such as cigarettes. However, in many countries that are known as classic production countries for counterfeit products, a real crackdown on product and brand piracy has begun in recent years. Here, too, China, for example, can be described as a leader. It has been recognized that the production of counterfeits also damages the national economy of its own country and weakens its position in world trade.

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Where are counterfeits sold?

Counterfeiters achieve the highest turnover with counterfeit products on the so-called flying markets. More and more counterfeits are also being offered at bargain prices at flea markets. In the age of electronics, the Internet has become a global trading platform that is available around the clock. It is therefore not surprising that it is precisely here that many plagiarisms and counterfeits can be bought. About 33 percent of the total turnover of counterfeit products is generated through this distribution channel. Especially in the area of software and multimedia products, the Internet and auction platforms such as eBay are the appropriate platform. For example, more and more so-called closed forums have been formed in recent years. The user must register before he gets access to the corresponding forum. Programs are then made available here that can normally only be purchased with a paid license. In the past, hackers have also had no problem cracking pay TV systems and making services that are actually subject to a fee freely available. However, these counterfeiters do not have any economic interests at heart, as they do not receive any money for their services. For some people, the challenge of being able to obtain a paid service without using cash is simply the first step into the world of illegal product and brand piracy or copyright infringement.

Counterfeit products on vacation

Especially the well-known and popular vacation countries in Southern Europe and North Africa are known for the fact that "branded goods" can be purchased here at significantly lower prices. Many buyers are even aware that they are purchasing plagiarized products that look deceptively similar to the original, but are not genuine. But caution is advised here. Anyone who acquires counterfeits or plagiarized products is just as liable to prosecution as the person who puts them on the market. Many vacationers do not think about this at all when shopping in their vacation destinations. Even importing them into the home country can be punished by law.

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