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House construction - recognize dubious construction companies

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    House construction is an emotional and planning-intensive process for builders, which often strains both nerves and finances. In particular, the choice of construction company should be carefully considered at the beginning - there are too many black sheep on the market.   

    But how do you actually recognize them? We'll take a look at some of the so-called "red flags" - warning signs - below.

    1. company aggressively advertises favorable services

    In order to find the right construction company, the Internet is always the first port of call. All too often, companies actively advertise that they are particularly favorable - an important criterion for many builders. However, this is already the first "Red Flag". No reputable company advertises exceptionally low prices. After all, it is first necessary to find out which building project is to be implemented and to what extent. Only then can an initial cost estimate be drawn up. If, on the other hand, a list of price floors is published on the company's website, this is a good way of comparing prices and demonstrates transparency.

    2. no or bad reviews/experience reports can be found

    Reviews of construction companies on Google or social media platforms are always a good indication of whether or not the company is reputable. Former customers can comment on their experiences and, if necessary, make recommendations. However, if there are no reviews or only bad ones, you should refrain from hiring this company.

    If there are both positive and negative reviews, however, these should be read insistently. If the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, the latter may be rare exceptions. In the best case, however, family, friends or acquaintances can recommend companies with which they have already had experience.

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    3. there are no show houses or exhibitions

    An established and reputable construction company will be able to show any interested party examples of their work or even presentations on implemented construction projects. In the best case, there are model houses or exhibitions where different houses can be shown. After all, builders need to see what they can expect from the company. In a Show house in Munich visitors can, for example, experience the future of living live.

    4. incorrect/incomplete offer

    If a company has already been contacted and a quotation received, this must always be checked in detail. All services and costs incurred as well as a service period must be specified so that transparency is provided. Otherwise, additional costs may suddenly arise without it being clear how they were incurred.

    If the building owners are not experts, they can and should have the offer checked. In such an offer or in the attached general terms and conditions, there should also be information on payment methods, the securing of claims in the event of possible defects, etc. If all of this is missing, further inquiries must be made and explanations demanded. If all of this is missing, it is necessary to follow up and demand explanations. Finally, all details should be recorded in some form in writing - if the construction company does not respond to this, hands off.     

    5. conclusion

    There are many signs that a construction company is a black sheep. The above-mentioned "red flags" are already the first indications of this. When choosing a construction company, builders should always be careful in order to avoid a disaster.

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