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Under Armour

Beware of Under Armour counterfeit products!


Under Armour - The Brand

In 1996, Kevin Plank founded Under Armour, a sporting goods company in Washington, D.C.. At the time, he was a football player in college and was not satisfied with the equipment and developed a shirt that players wore under their jerseys. The company's first success was a cleated shoe. Under Armour also supplied the U.S. military with functional underwear that soldiers used to regulate heat in warmer climates. The first store opened in Annapolis in 2007. A next, larger store was built in Aurora a year later. In Germany, the first branch was opened in Munich in 2016.

Under Armour Products

At the beginning of the company's history, the range was limited exclusively to clothing for martial arts and sports underwear. Gradually, the product range expanded and, for example, shoulder pads for American football or ice hockey were added. In the meantime, Under Armour's range also includes casual clothing such as T-shirts and shoes.
The sporting goods manufacturer is also active in professional sports as a sponsor. Its partners primarily include college American football teams in the USA such as the University of South Carolina and Texas Tech University. The brand has also made an appearance in Germany in this regard. From 2009 to 2011, Under Armour sponsored the Hannover 96 team. Since 2016, UA has been the official supplier of FC St. Pauli.

Under Armour Detect Counterfeit

The success of Under Armour also brings negative aspects. As with other well-known brands, there are also imitators and product pirates. Since Under Armour counterfeits are produced more and more professionally, it is usually difficult to distinguish original from plagiarism.
If the price seems too cheap, be careful. A fake Under Armour article can often be recognized by the poorer workmanship. The Under Armour logo or lettering is also a distinguishing feature, as counterfeiters often make mistakes here.
To be on the safe side, you should order from trustworthy stores or ideally directly from Under Armour. If an internet store seems dubious at first glance because, for example, only credit card is offered as a means of payment, you should rather leave it alone.

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