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Beware of Superdry counterfeit products!


The brand Superdry

The brand Superdry belongs to the British textile chain "SuperGroup" and was already founded in 1985 under the name "Cult Clothing" by Julian Dunkerton. Julian Dunkerton and James Holder were inspired by a trip to Tokyo. Since 2004 they have been selling American vintage fashion with Japanese-inspired characters under the SuperDry brand.
After Superdry was successful with quite a few branches in the UK, it continued to go steeply uphill and so the newly founded fashion label finally established itself as a global brand, which is available in all major metropolises. On the Superdry Homepage the company sells its successful fashion online.


Superdry fashion

Especially effectively used Japanese characters, on streetwear and American vintage look or preppy style, are characteristic for the brand's products. Often the design is very detailed, but still not too cluttered, while the focus, for sweaters for example, is mostly centered on the front. In addition, the manufacturing is mainly made of pleasant, soft cotton, which has contributed to its popularity. Overall, Superdry has managed to make loose, casual style look appealing and not cheap.


Superdry fakes

Like many other brand manufacturers, Superdry also has its imitators. These sell plagiarisms or Superdry fakes under the Superdry brand name. These fakes are usually only recognizable upon closer inspection:
The print may be partially "crumbling", is poorly glued or even improperly aligned. If garments fit very tightly, can be a distinguishing feature of a Superdry Fake, as they are usually cut more loosely. To protect yourself from Superdry fakes, you should pay close attention to the quality when buying and be aware that original Superdry fashion is not available for a fraction of the store price, even on the Internet.

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