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Beware of Rimowa counterfeit products!

As early as 1898, the suitcase manufacturer Paul Morszeck in Cologne focused on lightness and stability for the suitcases, which at the time were still mainly made of wood. Soon, Rimowa's products found favor with discerning globetrotters.

In 1937, the son of the company's founder, Richard Morszeck, developed the first overseas suitcase made of light metal and coined today's brand name (RiMoWA = Richard Morszeck trademark).The well-known groove design was added in 1950 and still forms the Rimowa trademark today.

From 1976 Dieter Morszeck renews the suitcase world with the first waterproof light metal suitcases. This RIMOWA waterproof system is often used by film and television crews, photographers and reporters for their sensitive equipment.

In 2000, Rimowa used polycarbonate for its suitcases for the first time, revolutionizing the industry. Originally used for aircraft and vehicle construction, this material is particularly resilient and impact-resistant with low weight.

Rimowa manufactures various series of suitcases in different sizes, including SALSA, SALSA DELUXE, SALSA AIR, BOLERO, LIMBO, TOPAS, TOPAS TITANIUM, TOPAS STEALTH, CLASSI FLIGHT, PILOT, and BOSSA NOVA series.

Since 2016, the French luxury goods group LVHM has owned 80 percent of RIMOWA's shares.

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