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Beware of Puma counterfeit products!

The sports brand Puma was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, initially as a shoe factory in Herzogenaurach. In the same year, the first Puma soccer shoe called "Atom" was launched on the market, which was further developed from 1949 to the "Super Atom" a soccer shoe with screw studs. For this, Puma consulted numerous soccer experts.

For marketing reasons, Puma began to sign as many international competitive athletes as possible at an early stage. This was probably also to withstand competition from the sports brand Adidas, which had been founded at the same time by Dassler's brother - also in Herzogenaurach. Since then, Puma has worked closely with well-known athletes and even developed models specifically for them.

Initially limited to sports shoes, Puma's range expanded to include sportswear from the end of the 1960s and now also includes accessories. Among other things, Puma develops for soccer, running and training, as well as golf and motorsports.

The PUMA Group includes the brands PUMA, COBRA GOLF and the subsidiary Dobotex.
Puma's cooperation partners include designers STAPLE, STAMPD and TRAPSTAR.

The Portuguese footballer Eusébio scored 42 goals with the Puma King soccer shoe model in 1968 and was awarded the first "Golden Shoe" as the best goal scorer in Europe. Also Vogts, Maradona, Völler, Matthäus and several other soccer icons wore one of the ever evolving King models.

Due to the popularity of the Puma brand, a lot of fake Puma products are offered. This includes of course fake Puma soccer shoes but also all other Puma shoes are offered as counterfeit products especially in fraudulent fake stores offered.