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Beware of Oakley counterfeit products!

What started with grips for BMX bikes in a garage is now one of the most famous brands for sunglasses. In 1975, Jim Jannard founded the US company Oakley.

Initially, he made grips for BMX bikes. In 1980, Jim Jannard sold his first motocross goggles called "O-Frame". His breakthrough came in 1985 when he sponsored American cyclist Greg Lemond, who won the 1986 Tour de France wearing Oakley sunglasses. This event, as well as other famous cyclists, made Oakley sunglasses famous. In 1986, more models came on the market, which were particularly practical because of their interchangeable gas system.

Today, the company, which is best known for its sunglasses and ski goggles, also produces watches, backpacks, clothing, shoes and many other sporting goods. In 2007, Oakley was acquired by the world's largest eyewear manufacturer, the Italian company Luxottica.